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The piece contains several original notions, but what caught my attention was its take on where creative ideas come from. Every since ad man Alex Osborn introduced the brainstorming technique in the early 1940’s, creativity has been sold as a collaborative process.
The goal for creative meetings is not to come up with new ideas, he argues, but instead to transfer the raw material for these ideas between participants. The goal of collaboration, in other words, is to quickly increase the store of material that the creative can then work with once returned to his or her isolated cogitation.
And having decided that Asimov has little imagination and little ability to self-criticize his reductionist POV, I’m not inclined to take his advice about creativity seriously lest I become just a little bit like him.

Ed Catmull said that candor amongst an intimate team is critical to really good creativity at Pixar.
Back when I was trying my own hand at writing science fiction, I found collaborating to be very stimulating to creativity.
Anyone who made group projects in high school knows how’s that gonna end, hours after hours are spent talking trash, discussing pointless personal issues, laughing, without nothing being done. Figuring that Asimov might know a thing or two about creativity, he brought him into the project. Oberymayer recently brought this essay to the attention of the MIT Technology Review magazine, which reprinted it in full.

I have often thought of Isaac Asimov as one of the least creative of the golden age SF writers.
Besides the need for isolation in order to think deeply, I like what he had to say about joviality, playing around, being relaxed, etc. Asimove’s advice is, in other words, big piece of instructions to bring creativity in either collecting of raw data, writing it or publishing it.

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