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Finding your feet in the workplace is often difficult enough; but tackling the age-old confidence vs. The biggest confidence killer, at work or socially, is trying to measure up to the people around you. We wouldn’t encourage you to make whopping errors at work, but confident people are usually successful because they aren’t afraid to be wrong. A lack of confidence and thus ambition is kyboshing any hopes they had of getting to the very top of their game. Without ruffling too many feathers here, the glass ceiling is being maintained by women who lack the confidence to test the water. When the confident, self-reliant, happy and contented new you emerges, those you left behind will soon come flooding back. However, despite what certain feature films might tell you, being a wallflower doesn’t usually have many perks – in the workplace, at least. Checking your teeth and hair in the mirror before entering the office and making sure you feel confident in your outfit choice will mean that you spend less time worrying about how you look and more time on the task in hand.
Instead of pinning it on a black box, blame it on a quick pre-meeting workout, says Williams.
If you are spending all your time focusing on what those around you are doing and saying, you are neglecting to concentrate your efforts on you, your work ethic and your application.

We all know the people who take hour and a half lunch breaks or extended trips to the coffee machine – distance yourself from them as much as possible and concentrate on your work and results. Taking your mind off the possibility of looking silly and being engaged with your audience will make any project 100% more successful. A lack of confidence in the workplace is not uncommon and it can be triggered by a number of things – intimidation, the feeling of being out of your depth, a lack of experience, self-doubt, a negative relationship, I could go on.
By taking the bull by the horns and jumping in with both feet, the thing that scared you becomes something you have overcome; an achievement: confidence boosted! In a recent survey conducted by the Institute of Leadership and Management, half of female managers said they had a high level of confidence, against more than 70 percent of men. Start by writing a list of 50 things you like about yourself, no matter how trivial some of them may seem, it will go a long way to encouraging confidence. One way to feel more confident at work is to identify your strengths and incorporate them into your everyday routine. Believe it or not, admitting that you are not excellent at everything will go a long way towards building your confidence.
At my last performance review my boss mentioned this and said they take my being quiet as being someone with nothing to give or add. There are many reasons why people lack confidence in the workplace, but often a lack of confidence is down to fear.

There is nothing like being thrown a curve ball by your superior or one of your colleagues to knock your confidence for the rest of the day. More doors open for people who are assertive, confident and willing to take risks.Speaking up shows people that you trust yourself and it makes them trust you too.
It’s about being remembered.” – Giorgio Armani, Nov 11Can’t get enough of Indian-inspired homeware at the moment. She has dedicated the rest of her professional life to showing people how work can be enjoyable, meaningful, values-based and balanced. You may be afraid of being walked on or losing control.You must learn to break through these fears if you are going to reach your full potential at work. Work on seeing each situation as a lesson, which is serving your growth, but not attached to your value.

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