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Buddhist meditation, simply put, is the meditation technique that is associated with the teachings and philosophy of the Buddha.
The crux of Buddhist meditation techniques have been handed down from teachers to students. If you are interested in exploring the varied avenues and patterns of your own  mind, Buddhist meditation is your best bet as it creates a means to nurture a better & more positive way to exist. Mindfulness in Buddhist meditation has three purposes and these are to know, train and free the mind. So in short, mindfulness meditation techniques teach you to  know the mind and once you have achieved that and you know your mind, you are able to discover what exactly binds it and prevents it from letting go. Right Concentration and meditation are so intertwined that they cannot be separated from one another. This meditation technique teaches you to focus your mind on a mental object such as a candle flame and observing your breath with your eyes closed or looking into a candle flame, chanting  a mantra and listening only to the sound produced by it.
A really important part of any meditation technique that you perform is that it should lead you to self introspection so that you become aware of your own behaviour.  Hey, but take note that it might take years for you to be able to control your habits and behaviour. Benefits of Buddhist meditation: Buddhist meditation techniques have a large number of benefits.
Buddhist Meditation is known to reduce stress and studies show that Buddhist meditation techniques help in reducing anxiety disorders including post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Buddhism has been witness to centuries of evolution, but no matter what the changes or assimilations were, all practitioners of this religion & the  Buddhist meditation techniques have maintained  that the most effective position of the body for sitting meditation is the posture of the seated Buddha. Sitting cross legged with your knees touching the ground is the  is the most effective way of performing Buddhist meditation. One of the most simple yet important techniques of Buddhist meditation is to concentrate on the breath.
Learning how to meditate properly could enable you to acquire crucial issue resolving techniques.
Easy meditation techniques for beginners: without knots in your legs, without a group or a teacher.
Ancient meditation masters also recommended walking, standing and sitting as daily meditation practices. Walk somewhere and meditate, stand somewhere and meditate, sit somewhere and watch your breath; that's what meditation is about! Walking meditation reminds you of the complicated task of walking on two legs that you once learned as a child.

But very often you have to stop somewhere, waiting for a train or a bus, in a queue to enter an abstract Zen art gallery somewhere.Make your boring standing an easy meditation technique. Many Zen masters recommend cross-legged sitting as an easy meditation technique to silence the mind. Regular practise of Buddhist meditation helps to create an intensely focused yet peaceful state of mind.
With the help of this meditation technique, you can then train your mind to free itself of a number of chains. There are studies that show that the calming effect of Buddhist meditation techniques acts as a balm for the nerves. Since  the immune system bears the brunt of all stress disorders, meditation can help in various ways to bring about a feeling of  overall well being. They also reduce the recurrence of depression.   Buddhist meditation techniques also have a direct effect on the mental health of a patient as it has been known to cut down psychiatric problems by half. During the meditation, you are taught how to meditate in a manner that helps you to concentrate on your breath and the rise and fall of your abdomen.
We consider the body, breath & mind to be separate entities but while meditating they all unite.
Meditation has gained popularity even from non-Buddhist due to the benefits that come with it. I’ve been trying to come up with the perfect presentation for my book Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques for Beginners. These meditation techniques  help you undergo a  metamorphosis and find a new focus and meaning in your life.
It is at this juncture that one should take the help of Buddhist   meditation techniques which act as an antidote to all the negativity that exists in one’s lives.
In Buddhist meditation “bhavana” is not a relaxation technique nor is it a practise which  prepares you for out-of- the-body experiences. With the help of this technique you learn to calm down, to live in the present  & to let go of the past that binds you.
Over the centuries  meditation as taught by the Buddha, has served as a means of attaining a better understanding of the self and has been able to lead to insightful spiritual experiences. Meditation is also an excellent  stress buster as it is effective in reducing  anxiety & depression. I like getting emails from meditators and I enjoy helping you with your meditation journey.

The path of a Tibetan Buddhist encourages those practicing to adopt the characteristics and traits of enlightened beings by using special techniques of meditating in order to realize their Buddha nature.
An insomniac who practises these Buddhist meditation techniques is able to sleep within 20 minutes of meditation. For a beginner, it is important to choose carefully the Buddhist meditation technique to use. Some techniques of meditation also involve cultivation of loving compassion, which can help in improving relationships with family, friends and other people.
Free yourself from your expectations with the help of Buddhist meditation techniques and do not allow them to enslave you. To get the benefits of meditation, it’s important to do it on a daily basis, especially for beginners. This site is for people who are looking in to meditation for relief of mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual problems. Meditation in general creates a detachment of thoughts and feelings whether bad or good, and creates a space inside that is profoundly peaceful. I can help you either get started, or if you are more advanced I, can help you develop a deeper knowledge of meditation. Despite its various meanings, meditation involves observing the mind, body, and emotional states. The author of more than five books, you can find his works on his Amazon Author Page Paul also does freelance writing and can be contacted via our Twitter page or on our Facebook page The Daily Meditation Read our premium guides today Your 30 Step Program To Finding The Love You Were Meant To Have Your Guide To Learning Meditation, Freeing Yourself From Anxiety, Stress, And Depression, And Living A Happy And Joy-Filled Life Related Posts TEST How Enlightened You Are And How To Become More Enlightened Meditation has become such a wide-ranging subject that it extends across religions, spiritualities, and cultures, reaching across all continents and all people. Within months of first starting to learn meditation I had already journeyed through Chinese culture, Buddhism, Hinduism, modern spirituality, New Age, and so many other subjects that I felt the very world were a huge smouldering pot of philosophy, science, and spirituality….
Meditation techniques from the East are gaining tremendous popularity in the West, where those techniques are being influenced by modern society and led in new directions. The key to being successful with these Buddhist meditation techniques for beginners is commitment.

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