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Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Reddit StumbleUpon Tumblr Buffer PocketIf you have no time to go to the gym but want to get in shape, burn some calories and develop your muscles strength and cardio, you can have a daily home workout. People think that the only way to achieve these goals is to go the gym, but you will see there are several powerful exercises you can do at home even if you have no equipment.
And the burpee is just one example, there are several other superior exercises you can do at home. Below you can discover a wide variety of daily home workouts but a healthy everyday activity can be anything such as running, walking, jogging or even working in the garden.

If you want to start you basic home gym a pair of dumbbells is very useful especially the adjustable ones, they are great for strength training. Other useful fitness equipment are jump rope, stability ball, resistance band and power tower on which you can perform a huge number of bodyweight exercises. This exercise engages a lot of muscles with that your body needs a lot of energy and as a result it burns fat efficiently. You know, the muscles need time to recover and after some time you will get bored with your daily workout routine.

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