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Running is a great way to lose weight but those not used to running find it a bit difficult.
If you are a beginner who starts running without any preparation, your legs might start shaking after a hard run. You might face a gastrointestinal issue during running, especially when you are not systematically training your body for running. If you begin running after a certain age, say after 30 years of age, you might hear a crackling or popping sound coming from your knees while running.
Due to all the hardships that come with an unplanned running to lose weight, you might get discouraged.
In your enthusiasm, if you start running hard from the first day itself, you are bound to get many a problems described above. At the end of the second week, if you still don't feel like running and want to give more time to your body by walking, you can do so, for another 1-2 weeks. After the end of the second or third or fourth week, whenever you are confident, start running as per the below plan. As you get used to running for 1 minute with an interval of 2 minutes walking, you are now ready to do some more running for a little more time at a stretch and with a lesser period of interval in between.
It is the third week's program only for those who are comfortable while running and walking for equal intervals of about 2 minutes each.
Once you start running for 3-4 minutes at a stretch with only half a minute to 1 minute of walking in between each of the running stint, you are already a runner, well an amateur runner! Run longer distances at slower pace rather than running shorter distances at a faster pace.
If you have read the earlier section on why to plan for running to lose weight, you would know that running on an empty stomach is not at all a good idea. Running can dehydrate your body which in turn can bring a lots of discomforts, enough to make you think negatively about running. If, however, you are running for more than an hour, you will need to have a strong recovery drink like some sports drink. It's true that you are running for weight loss but then you don't want to invite nutritional deficiencies and other such medical conditions. When you wear ill fitting shoes and start running, you are at a higher risk of getting injuries. When you do a vigorous exercise like running, you put umpteen pressure on your joints, muscles, heart, actually, on your body as a whole.
Beginners who do not train their bodies to run properly might get tight muscles and dehydration, both of which can lead to headache. Because, all these discomforts happen only when you are a beginner who just starts running to lose weight, without any preparation.

Your body is not that flexible now and your muscles might not cope up with your sudden running schedule. Continue doing this interval running for 4-5 days a week, with a gap of a day after every 2-3 days. But if you are not yet comfortable with intense running and walking (which you will know in the next section), keep on doing this one for next 1-2 weeks. The proven formula to lose weight is 'burn more calories than you consume each day!' A pound is equal to approximately 3,500 calories.
If you are running for about half an hour, water is the best drink you can have after your run. So, get a pair of good running shoes and save yourself from all the after effects of running with a bad pair of shoes. When you start running to lose weight, you might want to check weighing scale every other day.
You can prevent most of the running related injuries by training smart and by setting realistic goals.
Not strengthening your leg muscles before you start running may give you such nocturnal calf pain.
First, when you increase running, your muscles, tendons and ligaments will get strengthened day by day. Because you will start small and increase running gradually, you will lose weight over a considerable period of time. Also, when you take breaks from running, you would feel great if you have someone to share your experience with! Two weeks of walking is enough to start running to lose weight and four weeks are more than enough to do so! If you wear shoes that fit you right and are comfortable while running, there will not be any undue pressure on your knees and ankles too. You need to work upon your mental toughness because running is not all physical, it is a mental workout too.
If you plan well, prepare your body from few days before you start running to lose weight, there are all chances that you will enjoy this exercise called running. You won't get injured because you have started small and you are also giving time to your muscles, tendons and ligaments to adjust to the strenuous task of running.
Do not allow yourself feel low if you don't see any reduction in your weight in first few days. If you are not confident about walking to lose weight, make pedometer your friend and count how many calories you lose everyday! Also, while running, wear something that will wick away your sweat, such as, cotton clothing!

What matters at the end is to start running and sticking to your running plan for weight loss. Secondly, starting small is all right but if you keep on running at that low level, you won't lose weight.
This is also the best way to lose weight for those who have been advised by the doctor, not to run at all.
If you lose more weight than this, you may be putting yourself at the risk of nutritional deficiencies that will invite many more serious health issues in future. Just that, if you are a beginner, you need to be extra prepared before you start running to lose weight!
If you are not convinced about how good running is for your health (and pocket!), you must know the reasons to start running for weight loss! This is because of the positive neurotransmitters, like endorphins and norepinephrine that are released in your brain after running for long and in the right manner.
Get up, go to your doctor, get yourself checked up and then start walking and running to get fit, to lose weight. After all, you are running to lose weight and eating just after a running episode may lead to weight gain.
But this is not the only reason that you should consider while you decide to run for weight loss. Even if you have been doing light exercises, vigorous exercises like running demand time to strengthen your muscles and supporting tissue.
If you won't be patient, you might stop running after few days but keep this in your mind- everyday while running, your muscles are getting conditioned, your bones are getting denser and stronger and your calories are burning!
Your final aim should be to lose weight with running, it can be in 6-8 weeks or 10-12 weeks or even more.
Just make it happen, even if it takes a few weeks more than your buddy who inspired you, run and lose weight! But, one day, after a few weeks, depending upon the capacity of your body, the running you are doing and your calorie balancing with right eating will show up.
You should know how to start running to lose weight and plan for it beforehand, if only you are a beginner!

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