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Here are some of the most beautiful words of great philosophers and thinkers in the form of short poems about life.
We celebrate the beauty of words…written in the white space–the empty room of freedom of thought–where words are created that sing, dance and illustrate life’s beauty. EVERY DAY, from today forward, you can link your own blog posts that tie to the theme of that day’s Beauty Minute post.
Life here is the one chance you get on Earth to live and function however the way you want.
When a person is happy, it means that he has gained all the things in his life which he has set the goals for.

Life is the process of moving along to prepare for the end, where all the deeds in life will be accounted for, whether they are the good ones or bad ones. A person should set out to achieve his goals in order to get what he wants from his life and therefore should work hard to achieve what he wants in order to leading a happy successful life. And we create more beauty together–as a chorus, a field of wildflowers, a gallery of paintings, and a library full of books. One should not waste his life in unnecessary activities, although a little fun along the way brings no harm.
Along the way in life, you will find many friends and loved ones whom you will spend the rest of your life with.

When you become responsible for your own actions, you have the key to live life with full happiness.

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