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If you were previously a heel striker and are just beginning to run barefoot, your calves will probably hurt a lot in the beginning.
Deep Water Running Nov 08, 15 11:11 AMDeep water running can enhance your fitness, prevent injuries, and maintain fitness when recovering from injuries. Mindful Running Can Make Running Effortless Nov 06, 15 01:00 PMMindful running can make running effortless and help you become a better runner. Unlike other trends in running, minimalism gets at the roots of the sport, questioning how and why we run. There's a movement afoot in running these days, and like an ultramarathoner, it's got the legs to endure a very long time.
That's because unlike other trends, which hinge on technological advances or tastes in fashion, minimalist running gets at the roots of the sport, questioning how and why we run.
Some in the field advocate running completely barefoot, as some elite Kenyan runners do, or with only the thinnest of footwear, claiming that to be the healthiest, most natural option.
But if the movement takes different guises, it's driven by a single, increasingly hard-to-refute thesis: that most traditional running shoes coddle our feet, keeping them weak inside layers of rubber and gel.
View full sizeTOP: Vibram FiveFingers, a leading brand of barefoot shoes, offer no support. Samantha Beattie, 29, of Cleveland Heights, started running in Nike Frees, one of the first mainstream minimalist shoes, but has since converted to Vibrams.

He had abandoned running as a result of injury then returned after reading "Born to Run." Like Beattie, he has remained injury-free in barefoot-style shoes. At the moment, Taylor is breaking in a pair of Merrell Trail Gloves, barefoot-style shoes with a little extra tread. I recently visited Akron Children's Hospital, where physician Troy Smurawa operates a Running Injury Prevention Clinic. Sure, my hamstrings are tight and my left hip is low, but I could plainly see that in barefoot shoes, I land on my forefoot, my stride is shorter, and the alignment of my hips, knees and ankles is straighter. First off, a few disclaimers: While we all can take pointers from natural running, not everyone can, should or needs to go barefoot. But whether you adopt Chi Running, try a lighter shoe, go barefoot or hold on to your tried-and-trues, the minimalist movement should at least give you pause.
If you are landing on your heels or are not sure if your have the correct running form, the information in this article should help you improve your running form and ensure that your barefoot running technique includes a gentle forefoot strike and knee drive from the hips with foot landing underneath knee. Running with a heel strike doesn't utilize the calves and prevents them from absorbing the shock when landing. If anything, it's about running more, about making changes to enable one to keep running longer and without pain, the way our ancestors did.
There, he shot videos of me running in regular shoes and barefoot shoes and concluded that my form is considerably better when I'm wearing my Vibrams.

If you simply switch or ditch shoes and keep running as much as you did before, you're bound to strain a muscle or develop a stress fracture. Everyone, even the healthiest, happiest runners, can benefit from introspection, especially if running is something you want to keep doing. BOTTOM: Representing the happy medium between barefoot and traditional shoes are "minimalist" shoes like this pair of Nike Frees, which look and feel more like regular shoes but offer only the barest of support. Mark Cucuzzella is a 44-year-old barefoot runner who is probably one of today's faster barefoot runners. Furthermore, it's unclear whether barefoot running enhances performance -- if performance matters to you. The following barefoot running technique video demonstrates his very powerful barefoot running form and provides very specific ways on how to improve your running technique.

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