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During this period of your life I know you feel as if the shadow of death is creeping just beyond your field of vision. Though I know it is hard to understand now, and to believe this, their lives are not truly lost.  It doesn’t matter whether you believe in a heaven, hell, or even purgatory.
Medicines created from plant life, animal life, synthesized to specifically treat one item or another, or life support, for one whose body can no longer sustain daily functioning, like breathing.
To put an end to this cycle I think we should contribute something to the world that is deathless.

Throughout all this, the lesson we are taught is still clear- death cannot, and will not, be cheated. You can feel his presence, forever watching your every move.  Taken from you are a grandfather, and grandmother, whose lifetime of wisdoms were never fully passed on. Call to them, remember them, they will come and in your darkest hour, provide the light that can guide you back from the depths of depression and despair.
Letting go is an understanding  of temporary separation between you, your loss, and the powers that watch carefully over the balance which is life, and death.
As you guys may know, I’m completely and utterly obsessed with all music of all genres except country.

PPS- Thanks also to Kris Keppeler for podcasting my story “Museum Chaos and Ice Cream for Your Pocket“!
I just want to show you guys and give you a look at some songs in case you’ve missed them.
If the main law and activity is a constant balancing, a juggling act, we can understand that whenever we want to increase one aspect we also need to increase or accept the other polarity or if we don’t we will either not be able to increase only the one preferred polarity or nature will automatically increase the other polarity by itself.

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