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A VISITING team from the National Archives of the Netherlands, earlier yesterday, paid a courtesy call on President David Granger, as they sought to brief him on the current digitalisation processes at the local National Archives. The conversion and renovation of the former bank in the Vijzelstraat in Amsterdam to house the municipal archives was already a prestigious assignment and expectations were high. Today, the archive is housed at the Musee Albert-Kahn, located in the financier’s former garden estate in suburban Boulogne-Billancourt, just west of Paris.
The philanthropic impulse to create the Archives of the Planet grew out of his pacifist beliefs.

According to David Okuefuna, author of The Dawn of the Color Photograph: Albert Kahn’s Archives of the Planet, Kahn hosted weekly salons at his estate, where politicians, businessmen, and academics discussed international affairs over cigars. As a result the new municipal archives have not remained stuck in a one-dimensional and meek respect for history and tradition, but a historic design has been treated as an equal. Open year-round, the museum exhibits more than 1,500 images, 123 films, and 80 digital slideshows drawn from the Archives of the Planet autochrome collection.
The equipment was expensive, fragile, and heavy, which made the journeys taken by Kahn’s photographers (across oceans and continents) all the more remarkable.Included in the vast archive are shots from a steamship voyage Kahn made with his chauffeur, Alfred Dutertre, a budding autochromiste, to the United States.

But in that gap between what we know and what we can only speculate sits Kahn’s pacifist purpose for Archives of the Planet.

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