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You have all the confidence and brilliance you could ever want deep inside you, ready to serve you. Somedays, though, we can all use a little shortcut to that place deep inside to tap into the brilliance, and to bring out the confidence. I am still new to affirmations and making friends with meditation so power words work nicely, like Sandra said, because it is so simple. I have been looking for something about affirmations that was both simple and explained well to share with my tween daughter.
As a parent who believes in affirmations and the power of positivity, I feel it’s my job to teach it to my daughter.

I just love the concept that all the confidence and brilliance you or I will ever need is in us.
I owe a big part of my ongoing success to the power of being able to write and use affirmations in such a way that they are effective. I know many people struggle when it comes to using affirmations but if you know how they work and what might stop them from working then building self-confidence with affirmations becomes possible. You can develop a plan that outlines a goal you want for yourself from beginning to end and use visualization and affirmation to help you achieve it.
When you are building self-confidence with affirmations the only limits are the ones you put in place.

Affirmations help you change what you are saying and seeing (using visualizations) which will then help motivate you towards taking the actions you need to make things happen and achieve your goal. I did for the longest time and it’s hard and embarrassing to admit it but between us, I really sabotaged my own confidence and brilliance. If you do everything right but you deny your confidence and you object to your brilliance, your life will get more difficult.

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