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Part of the Coram group, Coram Children's Legal Centre is the UK's leading children's legal charity.
Coram Children’s Legal Centre is today launching a new website for its Child Law Advice Service (CLAS) to increase and improve access to free advice for people seeking information around child, family and education law. 2 October 2015: Today marks the 15th anniversary of the Human Rights Act, which has helped protect the rights of children in UK for years. 17 July 2015: A new report by the Children's Society reveals that since removing legal aid access for immigration cases, many children are unable to resolve their immigration issues on their own.
2 July 2015: Noel Arnold, Director of Legal Practice at Coram Children's Legal Centre, was named the inaugural winner of the prestigious 2015 Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year award in the children's rights category at a ceremony on 1 July.
1 July 2015: Children's charities today launched a damning report highlighting how Government policies and spending decisions have failed to prioritise children. In addition to the general advice that the average parent receives, experts in ¬†education on various media outlets consistently tell parents how important it is for them to be more involved in their children’s education.
The reality is that many parents, particularly those from urban settings, do not have the luxury of time or money to provide their children with everything that the experts suggest. Somewhere between being told to spend more time completing homework with children and being advised to be more visible in the school by attending events you are overwhelmed before the school year even starts. In fact, if parents work to buy all the suggestions on book-bags, sneakers, and new gadgets, they will end up spending an inordinate amount of time working to buy these suggested items that further limits their ability to meet the almost impossible task of a working parent to spend 4-6 hours a night on homework, and still spend quality time with children.

Do not rest on your negative experiences in the urban schools you attended, and do not be intimidated by not being able to follow the advice of experts.
We provide free legal information, advice and representation to children, young people, their families, carers and professionals, as well as training and consultancy on child law and children’s rights. As you make this transition, you are being bombarded by everything from news stories and television commercials to flyers and shopping circulars with advice on how to make the upcoming school year one that guarantees the success of your children. If you had the time to spend hours on homework, show up to school weekly, drive your children to after school programs on their schedule, you certainly would.
As we already established, it is virtually impossible to sit with your children to complete all of the homework assignments every single night.
To get your children to spend more time doing school work, move a chair next to a window, throw a few comfortable pillows on it, get a table or crate where a child can rest his or her feet, and call that the reading spot.
Remember that children have varied attention spans and learn through play and active engagement.
As you get to know the children, your planning for activities and interest areas will change. You will also find that your children probably have more lessons a week now than they did previously.
Children need to know that you respect and value them, which is the message they get when you take the time to talk with them, observe them, and learn about them as people.

You learn what children are capable of doing developmentally, how they approach solving problems, how they spend their time, how they interact with others, and what they are learning. Opportunities to build positive relationships will benefit children socially and emotionally. For teachers, observation serves a number of vital purposes, including being able to keep track of all your children's growth and development, deciding whether to change or modify the environment, and determining if your curriculum needs to be altered to better serve children. Once you have this partner, you may take turns text messaging about both of your children, or you may speak to each other about what is happening in the school. With this knowledge you can teach children in a way that capitalizes on their strengths and builds their confidence and competence. At my school we had to designate a certain clump of trees, paint red lines on the trees above which children could not climb, and provide deep bark chippings underneath, as well as close supervision at all times.

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