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In Acem Meditation, you repeat a meditation sound mentally without effort, while thoughts and impressions are allowed to come and go freely. A comprehensive description of Acem Meditation, with practical, psychological and existential perspectives. In meditation, as in dance, we can be in a free flow, allowing our impulses to be expressed lightly and freely. The first time we take the wheel of a car, we probably do not drive with a free mental attitude.
This three-week retreat is for Acem meditators who want to practise round-the-clock meditations and who already have ample experience from regular deepening retreats.
An advanced deepening retreat offers the possibility of meditations of more than 24 hours, combined with process-oriented guidance, as well as sessions of walk-and-talk and meditative yoga. Advanced deepening retreats require previous participation in altogether at least six weeks of regular deepening retreats of Acem Meditation, corresponding to 300 hours of meditation beyond the 6-hour level. But the more the free flow is allowed expression, the more clearly we notice the friction that makes it challenging for us.

It is somewhat of a paradox, but at times I simply get tired of “pursuing” the free mental attitude.
After each round-the-clock meditation, an evening seminar discusses meditative processes based on the experiences of the participants. The free mental attitude is related to action, the way we do something: sense, think, speak, act. This facilitates the cultivation of subtle levels of free mental attitude and a mentalistic repetition of the meditation sound.The retreat stimulates gradual, but fundamental processes of inner change aiming at opening the mind for meditative silence. Research on Acem Meditation and other sound-based techniques focuses on the deep and spontaneous relaxation response triggered by meditation, inducing a wakefulness that comes naturally, not as a result of concerted effort.
Along with the rest of the programme, round-the-clock meditations seek to loosen the grip that time and body have on us. By loosening up bodily and mental tensions, Acem Meditation lays the ground for deeper changes in personality.Breaking new groundMindfulness aims to help the individual change perspective by bringing the attention back to the present moment, away from memories and fantasies. They help us letting go of our psychological investments and lower selves, facilitating the realization of aspects of the self anchored in a timeless dimension of existence.Advanced deepening retreats require previous participation in altogether at least six weeks of regular deepening retreats of Acem Meditation, corresponding to 300 hours of meditation beyond the 6-hour level.

Acem Meditation seeks to expand the present moment to include all spontaneous mental activity, thereby accessing and modifying unconscious patterns of experience and behaviour. A relaxed and open mind is more likely to let go of established ideas and habits and to embrace new perspectives.Receptivity and productivityThe difference in object of meditation is significant.
Of course new situations may still arise that are beyond our control, in which case we are drawn outside the area where we can act with a free mental attitude. In Acem Meditation, the gentle repetition of a neutral meditation sound combines such receptivity with an enhanced ability to act in more productive and less stressful ways.The benefits of mind wanderingJust as important is the difference in mental attitude.
While mindfulness aims at reducing mind wandering, Acem Meditation fosters a free and accepting attitude towards thoughts, feelings and even drowsiness or sleep.

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