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The inspiration that many individuals have been meditation is a welcoming neighborhood devoted to bringing the Buddha's got here up with massage.


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Zen Meditation Introduction, Questions & AnswersZen meditation-related Questions, together with their answers, are displayed below here. The purpose of Zen, it can be said, is to enable people to enjoy both the world of illusion and the world free of illusion at once. Zen meditation is to eliminate illusions, but looking for such a place is creating and following another illusion. The strong point of Zen meditation is that it doesn't require any special time or special place. Yes, Zen meditation has a strong connection with different art forms and we will seek to explore this in some of our workshops. Whenever I practice Zen meditation, a lot of thoughts and ideas prevent me from focusing my attention to my question. Trying to grasp them through reading is like trying to wash a mud-stained cloth with muddy water; it will make things more complicated, since koans are asked to check whether Zen students are freed from the illusions with which we are bound, but reading books is to create illusions.

I once practised Zen for ten days with little sleep, but I only got some problems with my body without getting anything.
People say a certain place is good for practising Meditation because they can get more energy. Looking for such a place for Zen practice is like making an illusion with one hand while trying to eliminate it with the other hand. As I said, if you can keep the question, it is a good practice, or a good meditation, wherever you are and whatever you do. We can be said to be pursuing an ideal world in that we doing something, practising Zen, for a better life. When they use it in the former sense, they usually mean not that you should stop thinking in your life, but that you should not try to find the answer to the Zen question through thinking, or knowledge, during the practice. Some people use being emotionless as a scale to measure how much progress they have made in meditation progress.

It is just like a maths question in maths, in that a question can be used to test students on one hand and can be material to study on the other hand; so it can be referred to as a Zen question. Since the purpose of Zen practice is to free you from the web of illusions but thinking produces illusions, the more thinking you do, the more complicated you make it.
Then the meditation will become much easier and even interesting, and work by itself in spite of you.

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