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When it comes to date night, Amal Clooney doesn't look anything short of red carpet ready.
Spanish women are spearheading European people must choose one nationality they prefer on a romantic date with. Those who would vote were not allowed to choose their own country, as the Spanish men had to look at the international markets.
The Italian men still won the competition as Spain, Portugal and the UK women wanted a man from the country boot on a date.
Arrive just a few minutes early for a bar-date, then text your date to ask what drink they’d like.
A great thing about gay dates, as opposed to straight dates, is that there is so much less pressure to impress your date with a fancy restaurant.
Jack Rose Dining Saloon – Great place to see if your date is a whiskey drinker, and if they are then sleep with them. The Gibson – This speakeasy on 14th Street (unmarked door next to Marvin) is still a great place for a first date.

The Raven – Most Columbia Heights gays assume that they need to go down the hill for a first date location. Story League – We often list this monthly story-telling competition showcase in our Gay Best Weekend Bets as an awesome date night option. Eat the Rich is around the corner from the Howard Theatre and is a great choice if you or your date lives in Bloomingdale or Ledroit Park.
This straight strip club on K Street actually makes for a great first date spot for gay men. The Dutch wanted a German man, while the Germans and Italian shoes wanted a Spanish man, the Belgian and French women wishing for a British man. Keep asking your date interesting questions that get them to talk about themselves and they will walk away thinking that they had a great time. One of our BYGays editors went here with a date after joking with him that he saw a dinner special advertised there.
If your date gets it and finds it chill, adoringly-tacky, and charming – that is a good sign.

There’s a spark of something special in this basement bar and makes for a great date. The bartenders are happy to tailor prohibition era cocktails (so, no vodka) specifically to you and your date’s own tastes. You’re most likely to have a second date if you do something unique and interesting together. English is spoken, but if you speak Spanish or are Latino, you can usually get a few dollars knocked off the bill.

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