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If you feel that to declutter home is a seemingly insurmountable task and you feel that you’ve got a compulsive hoarding or propensity to OC, seek for professional help.
If the space is just manageable and you think you can organize it by yourself, then go ahead. Make a time table and target date of completion to de clutter home so as to keep the ball rolling. At the end of everything, take time to smile and appreciate what you have done and invite your guests openly with a sense of great accomplishment. To declutter home is not that easy but it is definitely something achievable given these 50 practical ways. Decluttering, although it is a pain to do, is essential for advertising and selling your home!. I recently produced an infographic on the topic of decluttering which you may be interested in viewing.
The final part of our list of fifty ways to help you de-clutter literally every part of your life. Just like you should allow yourself one space to be messy in, you need to make sure that you hold yourself accountable for one space that is pristine. This tip is so simple but it can have a major impact on your sensation of clutter in your home. If you’re having a hard time getting into the mental or emotional mind-space to let go of stuff, then motivate yourself with cash! The Postconsumers Content Team works hard every day to make sure that you're getting relevant, useful information on how to let go of the consumer addiction to "stuff", take control of your finances and find the satisfaction of enough. Many begin to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and defeated around the idea of decluttering their homes. No matter what you choose to help you get started – whether it be one of these ten or one of countless others – the goal is to take your first step with excitement behind it. Special thanks to each of you who purchased a copy of Simplify: 7 Guiding Principles to Help Anyone Declutter Their Home and Life.
Part two of our list of fifty ways to help you de-clutter literally every part of your life.
Learning to be “fit” in your effort to de-clutter isn’t any different from your effort to get physically or mentally fit. Those are our second ten tips on how to de-clutter your entire life, but we have thirty more! It becomes household junk which greatly affects the orderliness of the home and the family members’ peace of mind. You can declutter your home in 50 simple ways that are possible, doable and most of all, effective!
Relaxing at the end of the day makes it all worth it and it encourages you to keep on ‘til you reach your goal. Remember, these insects can bring about dirt and germs that can make the positive effect of decluttering short-lived. If you want to Sell and Rent Back your property, please contact an FSA authorised company as we cannot advice or help with these queries.

In fact, packing up your items at the end of the season can be a great way to keep closets clutter free. It means different things to different people, but if you’re using the word clutter it definitely means that you’re thinking of the impact that it has on your life as a negative. Fill one trash bag. Early in our journey towards simplicity, one of my favorite decluttering techniques was to grab a simple large trash bag and see how quickly I could fill it.
Take the 12-12-12 Challenge. A simple task of locating 12 items to throw away, 12 items to donate, and 12 items to be returned to their proper home can be a really fun and exciting way to quickly organize 36 things in your house.
Change your perspective. Unclutterer offers a powerful approach to decluttering when they offer a number of strategies to help you change your perspective and begin to notice some clutter you may have missed. As we first set out on our journey to minimalism, this was the technique most often used in our home. This would come with a price, so you can be creative by asking a friend who has an extra space at home. You need a space where, when you go into it, you feel the calm and peace that comes from a clutter free environment and where you never allow yourself to slack off. From yard sales to swap meets to flea markets to consignment stores to the internet, there have never been more options for selling your stuff for cash and enjoying the spoils. There’s a certain amount of clutter that comes with children that you’ll make yourself crazy if you try to avoid. There are obvious ways to donate such as thrift stores and the Salvation Army, but there are also plenty of ways to donate goods that can ultimately help specific groups you care about.
Both of those things are highly important if you’re looking to make a big change in your life. Fifty tips to help you declutter is far more than you need, but our hope is that you’ll find the ones that are best for you and most targeted for you within this list.
To identify wardrobe pieces to clear out, hang all your clothes with the hangers in the reverse direction. On more than one occasion, this challenge actually became a quick competition between my wife and me… and your kids don’t have to be too old to participate as well. Among their ideas: take photos of your house, invite over a toddler, or ask the boss to meet in your office. Psychology Today recommends using your imagination to help declutter objects that may seem difficult to remove.
As I set out to declutter an area, I brought four boxes: trash, give away, keep, or relocate. And, unlike cardio, you don’t need to dedicate half an hour of your day every day to your effort to get uncluttered. Whichever works better for you, it’s important to create rewards (or deterrences) whenever you’re making big changes to how you run your life or trying to break bad habits.
Much like a drug, a retail purchase can give you a temporary high, but the crash is quick and the cost from your pocketbook adds up. You cannot waste precious time postponing, act now and you can achieve a well organized and decluttered home in no time! If you missed our first ten tips, you can find them here and begin your journey through the entire first forty.

Think of it in scientific terms as “a clean room.” You’d be surprised how this room may work like a virus, spreading its clutter free nature to the rest of your house. It’s okay to want to minimize the “kid footprint” of your home, but you have to accept that there will be some. It’s time for a long day with a glass (or bottle) of wine and some de-cluttering of your virtual environment. Just our best content from the month.Or, Search Our Content On Your OwnUse our handy resource hubs to find what you're looking for. In fact, there are a variety of people who have come up with some pretty fun, creative ways to get started.
The important thing is to challenge yourself to live with less and see what you learn from the experiment. Everything has enough space to breathe and live – something you’ll experience in your own life once you start to let go of clutter and “stuff.” The more time that you spend outside, the more you’ll want what’s inside of your house to find the same state of alignment as what’s outdoors. If you’re a reward system person, set up a weekly reward for meeting all of your de-cluttering goals (and yes, it’s a good idea to create a goal list before you start). One pass through your bathroom or medicine cabinet can clear out a lot of clutter and give you the opportunity to not replace it! The more stressed you are, the more you’re unmotivated to make changes in your life and the more likely you are to add to clutter by resorting to emotional shopping. If you’re flying solo and single, make a “de-clutter group.” It’s like a book club, but instead of pretending to talk about books you hold each other accountable for your weekly clutter count and then drink wine or whatever.
In this case, you’re ending your addiction to stuff and clutter and beginning your new, clutter-free life. This experiment could also be applied to a number of clutter areas in your home (cleaners, toys, linens, tools, hobbies and craft items). As we pointed out before, the relationship between holding on to “stuff” and your own mental, emotional and physical health is very entwined. We like to suggest removing social media apps from your phone and limiting yourself to no more than two hours per day of social media time. They may sabotage your effort at a clutter-free home when they are tiny, but then they will ultimately grow up in a way that you can enlist them in your army against clutter. Choose a great meal, a trip to the spa, a night out at the movies or a night to yourself with no interruptions. Repeat this process in as many places as you need to until you’ve visualized your entire life without clutter.
The more you tie yourself to trends, the more frequently you’ll have to purchase items and the more unused, out-of-trend items you’ll have cluttering up your home, closet, office or car.
Really think about whether a freebie has a place in your home before instinctively grabbing it. If you need to penalize yourself for not meeting goals in order to make them happen, then by all means take that route instead.

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