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Last Saturday, I had the great pleasure of joining 670+ runners for the 9th annual Fall 50 in Sturgeon Bay, WI, this year’s USATF 50-Mile Road National Championship. Come race mornin', I was feeling peaked and ready, much in thanks to having six weeks of semi-employment that allowed for long runs and afternoon naps with the dogs.
As the sun rose up in the first 10 miles, the hillsides lit up with orange, amber, and gold. By mile 24, Bennett and Justin shifted down a gear as Larisa started to crank it up and come by us. I slowly pulled Josh into range as we coasted down the slight downhill in the last few miles, but as we approached the finishing chute, he still had a solid minute on me. I have always enjoyed using the trail running Series like USATF, Montrail, Skyrunning, etc., to expand my geographic experiences, and when it turns out a gem like the Fall 50, I am nothing but smiles.

I suspected I was somewhere around 8th place and the second Master, after watching some guy with a M50-55 bib take off with the second pack in the first two miles. My thanks to Sean Ryan and his amazing crew of volunteers, the people of Door County 'Sconsin, and my fellow runners for putting on a fantastic race. Two guys blazed by us, and I thought for sure the relay teams had been released, but it turned out to be Josh Brimhall and Mike Bialick who had gone a few miles off course due to sign sabotage. Brimhall!) was nice enough to wait at an aid station for me, prompt me to calorie up, and run a few miles together to get me on the right track. Knowing he was out there was pushing me hard, since I know a lot can go wrong in these races. Larisa Dannis broke the Women's course record with a phenomenal 5:59, showing she is clearly ready for the 100k Worlds in a few weeks (good article about her race at RW, plus you can read her race report).

RD Sean Ryan did an amazing job recognizing the winners, with special recognition to a group of runners who stopped their race to revive a guy who passed out. The road ultra is a particularly challenging venture, since many of us will be at top speed on unforgiving surfaces for the entire race.
I settled in with the lead women, including Mill Valley, CA's Larisa Dannis tuning up for the IAU 100k World Championship in a few weeks, Team USA Olympic triathlon member Dr.

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