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FastPlan version 9.6 provides a complete five year financial plan incorporating monthly fixed asset schedules with depreciation spreadsheets, 60 x monthly sales forecasts for multi products, forecast expenses, share capital inputs, three loan notes providing monthly interest charges and declining loan balances, plus working capital forecasts to generate five annual and monthly balance sheets, income statements and cash flow forecasts plus all core ratios and five years financial summary overview. With FastPlan you can quickly and easily change any variable input and drive the financial statements and cash flows to your target goals. Forecast Days Outstanding each year to drive balance sheet calculations and closing cash balances. Use the forecast in FastPlan to value the business from year 5 using three alternative methods. A solid financial plan can be the difference between achieving financial success and living paycheck to paycheck. Financial blog Girls Just Wanna Have Funds recommends creating financial goals with the SMART goal-setting method: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.
Girls Just Wanna Have Funds also suggests some basic goals to consider for your plan: From saving for emergencies and paying down debt to creating a will.

McDonald's seems to be well aware that its employees are unable to survive on their minimum wages, so the company has come up with a solution - go out and get a second job.The fast food giant became the object of ridicule this week when its financial planning site called Practical Money Skills for Life created back in 2008 in conjunction with Visa and Wealth Watchers International to help its workforce caught the attention of several media outlets. McDonald’s charges workers who have been with the company for at least year $12.58 for its most basic health care plan. While McDonald's initiative may have come off as obtuse, promoting financial literacy among American workers has long been viewed as a worthy cause.
Twelve months income statements, balance sheets and cash flows forecasting spreadsheet to develop high - low forecast scenarios to analyse your sales, profits, accounts receivable, accounts payable and total cash flows for each year for all possible outcomes. The continuing value after year 5 is brought forward from the Continuing Value Calc spreadsheet.
Here's how to create a concrete plan for the next 5 years that's actionable and may be easier to stick to. For example, rather than just say you'll create an emergency fund, make the goal measurable by specifying a $5,000 emergency fund by the end of the year.

If not, now's a good time to create one, so you can get all your saving and spending resolutions down for next year. Only about a quarter with a high school diploma or less say they do.And despite the frequent political invocation of a budgeted family, Gallup's finding may not reflect a new trend in Americans' financial behavior. Others entries in the fictional McDonald's-Visa financial plan include $100 allotted for cable and phone, $90 for electric - just below the national average of $103 - but no money set aside for heating, which would not work for employees living anywhere outside of Hawaii or Florida. The sample financial plan also makes no mention of basic necessities like child care expenses, water or clothing, to name a few.

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