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This includes not just building a great team, but encouraging collaboration and empowering people around us. You can use that to actively build up someone’s confidence by giving them work that they’re genuinely good at and interested in.
We achieve this success by helping individuals improve their confidence and make them see that their contributions and talents matter. To increase your team members’ confidence, you have to help them improve and learn new skills so they can play a stronger role in contributing to the project.

When someone lacks confidence and competence it’s far better to gradually give them more responsibility and to stick close by them until they no longer need you. People’s confidence (and motivation) will generally grow when they’re given the chance to put their skills into practice and show mastery.
Knowing that they have the space to learn from their mistakes rather than being penalized for them builds their confidence and takes away an enormous chunk of negative energy and worry. In that way people slowly but surely gain confidence as they start to master each step of the assignment.

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