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Although the original AA group was made up of evangelical Christians, OA – like all groups now running 12-Step recovery programmes – says it is not political or religious. 6 October, 2014 We first heard about Tiffany’s story on the Whole30 Instagram feed, where she shared her experience with food addiction and her success with employing a 12-step approach to the Whole30. As you know from the 12-step program, Steps 2 and 3 is that by trusting and turning our lives to that higher power, it can bring us back to normal. As soon as I got home, I slowly started to get back on program, eliminating where I could and when I could.  My next Whole30 is about to start and I’ve already warned my family.
Food addiction and disordered eating aren’t something you should try to tackle alone.
I am a member of Overeaters Anonymous and am actually working the steps to overcome my obsession with food.
I am reading the Daniel Plan and agree with you Tiffany that God is with me each step of the way. I agree with Heidi’s comments, as an active member of a 12-step support program for the past 6 years with a sponsor, home group and a long list of the many gifts that working a 12-step program has given me- I was excited to see this article.
Addictions can take many forms, and some people struggle with addictions to food rather than drugs or alcohol. The 12-step approach used by Overeaters Anonymous consists of 12 steps that are tied to a spiritual ideal. Many people want to lose a few pounds, but being overweight does not necessarily mean that you need the 12-step approach to compulsive eating that is offered by an organization like Overeaters Anonymous. The first step in the Overeaters Anonymous 12-step recovery program is admitting you have lost control. While the 12 Steps are generally thought of in conjunction with alcohol or drug addiction, Tiffany beleived they could help her work through the psychological and emotional hold that food had on her, and (when combined with our Whole30 program), help her find Food Freedom. I was stuck in old ways—old habits of eating and binging, feeling guilty for eating that way, and then vowing to try again tomorrow.

It sounds like your take on the steps are very steeped in self will, which is the opposite of the point, but I commend you for realizing your addiction to food and attempting to work the steps.
I felt discouraged that this is really a personal approach and not a true representation of a 12-step program.
Treating a food addiction is considerably different from treating many other types of addiction because people need food. The 12-step approach to addiction was originally developed by Alcoholics Anonymous, and that approach has been adapted by many different groups, including Overeaters Anonymous. While working your way through these 12 steps, you will allow yourself to embrace ideals ranging from honesty to humility.
The people who will benefit the most from this type of program are those who tend to eat compulsively. I am currently on day 6 of a Whole30, trying to use it as a means to resolve my own food addiction and binge eating disorder.
If you truly feel you have a food addiction, I’d encourage you to actually check out a meeting and work the steps with a sponsor or even pick up the OA 12 Steps and 12 Traditions book.
My husband is a recovering alcoholic and I see how the 12 steps have made a huge impact in his life, but it is really hard for me to stand up and say I’m a food addict when it almost sounds insulting in the face of his alcoholism, which nearly killed him.
I’m making steps in the right direction and your story was exactly what I needed to read tonight to keep pushing through. One helpful tool that many people use to get past their food addictions is the 12-step approach offered by Overeaters Anonymous. Sneaking food at friends, munching off other’s school lunches, and when I was home (alone) there was lots of binge eating. There is so much more available by tapping into the group meetings, literature, and working steps under the guidance of a sponsor. I’m owning my food addictions and don’t really feel that I need these defects removed (Step 7).

Since I cannot afford the therapy group to address my eating disorder, I am going to try to do it on my own. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 16 years old and have struggled with related health issues ever since, which has only added to my pain and caused more disordered eating. I would encourage anyone to check out 12-step programming- it’s been an asset to every area of my life. Well, if I’m not meant to be a vegan and I should be eating meat, maybe I should look into the Weston A. The part that has changed is although I did this on my own and followed steps to get me there.
Founded in 1960, in California, it is based on a 12-Step programme, the addiction recovery method first published in the book Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story Of How More Than One Hundred Men Have Recovered From Alcoholism, in 1939. Advocates believe that by 'working the steps', anyone can overcome addiction, although many scientific studies have failed to show the approach is any more effective than other methods, such as counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy.
In the sessions I attended, they focused on one of the 12 steps – the first is admitting you are powerless over your addiction and subsequent steps involve taking control. But it won't work for everyone, and perhaps not even the majority.' Kate, however, believes the programme will work for her. Whole30 has given me the tools I need to grab a hold of this addiction and face it head on.

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