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Post your projects & plansShare your projects and plans with others in the Start Woodworking community. By the way, don't be scared off by the fact that the instructor uses a tablesaw in these videos. How to Build a Deck Storage Benchbench and form can be used interchangeably to refer to backless and elongated wooden seating.
Steve Knight writes: Really nice storage box, I think I need one of them, because up til now, I've been using my wardrobe to store my computer components, something that is very important, as it's my occupation, writing about repairing your registry errors and other computer related topics, in addition to hardware diagnostics and repair. Very nice article, I enjoyed reading your post, very nice share, I want to twit this to my followers. I have always liked storage benches which I often use for domestic purposes especially in the living room. Click to enlargeSavvy stowing meets deluxe design in this collection of redwood deck boxes.
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This deck storage chest can easily be built in a weekend, features dual lids that double as seats, and goes a long way toward cleaning up the bric-a-brac on your outdoor living area. You could also use a conventional circular saw with a straightedge clamped to the wood you're cutting.

Originally a bench may have been freestanding and movable, whereas a form referred to a bench fixed to the wall. I like their main feature which is to act as a seat while providing quite an ample amount of storage.
The natural, unpolished appeal of redwood finds its practical embodiment here: as a storage solution ideal for de-cluttering your indoor and outdoor spaces.
If you’re looking for a patio box built to conceal and protect without looking like an unwelcome blemish on the flawless facade of your residential or commercial design plans, then check out this collection of redwood deck boxes. For a detailed plan and materials list, have a look at Lowe's Shop Class website, or just follow along with the videos below. Or, you could have your lumberyard pre-rip the wood to the proper width if that's easier. That fact is really beneficial to conceal in all the mess like scraps of newspapers and magazines, and not forgetting housing all the remote controls and prevent them from going missing again. Picture pairing this patio box with other outdoor redwood furniture, or placed at the foot of the bed in a mountain cottage setting.
Unlike the utilitarian look and feel of most large plastic patio boxes, adding this piece of outdoor redwood furniture infuses freshness and life. They can also be customized according to your own preferences with colored cushions or patterned seat covers which make them very personal. Whether you need a concealed home for floating pool toys or patchwork quilts, a patio box offers a woodsy-feeling freshness to storage.Possessing the practical characteristics of outdoor redwood furniture, this product is naturally resistant to rotting or decay and holds up well under the pressures of inclement weather.
Situated on your swimming pool deck or in the garden, these large redwood deck boxes can be filled to the brim with everything from “floatie” toys to cleaning nets to pruners and spades.

These 20"W x 18"H wood deck boxes are offered in two standard lengths, 36” and 48” and their convenient flip top lid makes for easy transfer of toys, blankets and other “storables” from concealed rest to actionable use, and back again.
Place one among other outdoor redwood furniture on the deck to double as lounging space, or work one into your garden by flanking it with beautiful blooms. Streamline, organize and bring a refreshing natural element to your landscape or interior design with the natural beauty of a redwood patio box from Planters Unlimited. The natural makeup of these patio boxes makes for an easy addition to most exterior spaces.In addition to their effortless flow in outdoor landscapes, Planters Unlimited redwood deck boxes are a viable option for sprucing up an array of interior designs. For designers and project planners working with a “green” aesthetic, the natural strength of redwood is an appealing choice. Bring the patio box inside and reinvent the linen closet, reassured that each time you reach for the guest sheets they’ll be ready to wrap your company in woodsy freshness. Or, for your hotel spa, turn outdoor redwood furniture into an interior delight for your dressing room or waiting area, coupled with the functionality of storage space for towels and other supplies.This collection is a clear choice for traditional cottage or cabin styles of design, whether in a Pacific Northwest mountain retreat or a Northern lake cabin. Additionally, with the resurgence of wood in modern and contemporary design, the redwood deck box has the potential to stretch beyond its traditional definition and emerge in a more progressive style. Whatever your design aesthetic, incorporate the beauty of natural materials with one of our patio boxes today.The Planters Unlimited collection of redwood deck boxes is offered in two standard sizes, 36"L x 20"W x 18"H and 48"L x 20"W x 18"H. If these dimensions are not fitted to your project needs, please contact customer service for more details on customization or other available styles.For more information on available styles and sizes, call customer service today at 1-888-320-0626.

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