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Home & Car Audiophile - Customer Testimonials #2A I am just a normal consumer looking for a good quality car audio with a budget of about $1800 excluding install on my new Honda CRV 2010. I know these are not enough have a good car sound system but my budget is only $1800 thus I had to use them particularly in this big economic crisis. Another words they are willing to give sincere advice even if we dona€™t buy & I have bought from ebay more than 10yrs but never met such a amazing seller.
However, I was happy when I saw the front car audio magazine which show Morel Supreme as one of the top car speaker.

Have tried Alpine, Sony, Pioneer, Clarion, Kenwood that cost $500-$800 including Cd-Changer & I just dona€™t understand why none of them cant produce MB-100 sound. I thought CD player is quite simple to make but now I realize it is not easy to make one that sound natural. I now realize that without gobeehoney A I may have to spend much more to get such a good sound. This is the main reason I decided to send pictures of my install & testimony to gobeehoney so that he can show other customer .

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