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A list of our most commonly requested rain water tanks from JoJo Tanks and Nel Tanks follows. Both Nel and JoJo manufacture polyethylene water tanks with a black inner lining to preserve the water for human consumption. If the tank you are looking for is not listed below, or you have particular dimensions in mind to fit your space, click here to send us an email with your requirements and we will reply with size and pricing options. Or to place an order, send us an email letting us know which tank you would like, the colour you prefer and your delivery address. Water storage tank prices will depend on a number of things, namely the type and size that you intend to purchase.
Plastic vertical water storage tanks, such as the one shown below, are the most popular, as they are the easiest to install. They come in several different sizes, usually ranging from 20 gallon to 15,000 gallon capacity.
100 – 300 gallon units are also popular with residential customers, primarily those who want to store large amounts of water outside. Some people may choose to store their water below the surface for better safe keeping from things such as extreme weather conditions, wild animals, thieves and vandals. If you are passionate about saving the environment and want to conserve water, there are several types of storage solutions which you can use to harvest rainwater. Underground rainwater retention Cisterns, such as the one shown here, will be able to hold anywhere between 700 and 2600 gallons. Since these tanks are suppose to store water for you over a long period of time, you want to make sure that you are investing your money into a high quality model.
If you intend to keep your water tank outside, or even inside near direct sunlight, make sure that the water tank you purchase is UV stabilized. CLICK HERE to Visit Our Blog– for a Wealth of JoJo water tank & Rainharvesting info! At JoJo Tanks, technology and innovation are at the core of our business philosophy and we are committed to research and development to continuously and significantly improve the quality and durability of our products.
JoJo horizontal tanks are made for transporting water and other liquids; select the right size and type of horizontal tank by looking at the options available below. JoJo Tanks products are made with high quality South African materials and all JoJo polyethylene tanks carry a 5-year guarantee. When trying to figure out hot water tank prices, there are a number of things which you must consider.

You will want to make sure that you are supplying your home with enough hot water at any given time, and on any given day throughout the year.
For a more accurate estimation, the US Department of Energy has a helpful worksheet that you can use to help you find out the ideal size for your home. You will need to check to see if your current water heater connections are for natural gas or electric.
If you live in a rural area where it is difficult to connect to gas mains or electrical grids, you might have a water heater that runs on propane gas canisters.
Please do not make a selection for your water tank requirements before examining Karmod’s, the leader brand’s, water tank prices. Developing its product quality and portfolio continuously by means of R&D, Karmod has adopted the mentality of introducing innovational, functional, useful products and customer satisfaction as a principle.
JoJo Tanks carry an eight year guarantee, Nel Tanks a five year guarantee, provided the tank is correctly installed. For more information on these tanks please send us an inquiry and we will respond with any information you may require. If this is something that you would be interested in doing, special underground water storage tanks are available as well. These typically cost anywhere between $500 and $4500 depending on the size and the features they have. Not only does your tank have to store water, but it has to ensure that the water remains clean and safe, readily usable at any short moment’s notice, even if left alone for several years. If exposed to the sun long enough, a water storage tank that is not UV stabilized will start to release toxic chemicals into the water.
To minimize the growth of algae, the best color to buy your water storage tank in is green.
We only use the best quality raw material and our products are developed and manufactured by highly skilled technical personnel in close collaboration with the best research departments and laboratories around the world.
At the same time, you want to make sure that you are not getting a tank that is too big, otherwise you will not only unnecessarily pay hundreds more in upfront water tank prices, also in your annual heating expenses because it takes more energy to keep a larger tank heated. If you are quite happy with the supply of hot water in your home, you simply have to reference the size of your old water heater. The column on the left lists the average number of gallons used for common household activities requiring heated water, and predetermined based on studies. Hot water tanks that run on electricity have a higher operating cost than their natural gas powered counter parts.

You can get assistance from Karmod’s customer relations managers for determination of the correct storage solutions and water tank prices. The tanks listed below are for above ground use, and cannot be buried underground or used to store chemicals.
According to the United Nations, the world’s population will increase by 50% by the year 2050, and there are already one out of six people who lack access to safe drinking water.
They will usually have mold in tie downs so that you can secure them to the ground to prevent them from sliding or tilting over. As mentioned above you can get a 300 gallon unit for about $300, or you can get a gigantic 15,000 gallon unit for around $10,0000 and up. This will ensure that your tank does not leak, as well as to prevent contamination of the water. We take immense pride in our product range and offer a 5-year guarantee on all our products.
All you need to do is determine at what time of day hot water is used most in your household. It is no suprise then to see an increasing amount of consumer interest to install water storage tanks in homes in order to be better prepared for any sort of water crisis or other natural disaster. This concern usually pertains to polyethylene, or other plastic based units, but if you are purchasing a UV stabilized model then it should be perfectly safe. Get the next biggest size – go from a 40 gallon tank to a 50 gallon tank for example.
This is usually between the hours of 7AM and 9AM when everyone is getting ready for the day ahead.
Furthermore, they don’t require as much clearance so they can fit in many more spaces within the home.
However, the most commonly used in homes are forty gallon tanks, which will usually be large enough to accommodate the average household size of three persons. You can possibly save on your monthly energy bills by going to the next smaller sized tank. For households with five or more persons, it is probably best to install an eighty gallon tank.

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