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Water level indicator circuit or liquid level sensor displays the current level of water in any water tank reservoir.
Water level in the tank or any reservoir is sensed using simple pull up resistor arrangement.
While water touches the point A, D1 of encoder IC=0, so the input patern becomes 1111110 which is encoded to 110 binary value.
If it is difficulty to get a ‘HEX Display’ you can use ordinary 7 segment display with decoder driver IC 7447.
You can neglect the 4th input (D) of 7447 because we are using this circuit to code up to 7 level, that is  upto binary 111. I have tried this project in breadboard but its not working, if the inputs of IC 74148 is connected directly to negative supply it works, but if it is connected to negative supply through wires immersed in water it doesn't. You can refer our UM66 based Water tank over flow musical alarm circuit or Water tank overflow liquid level sensor alarm circuit. Due to the large volume of comments we are receiving we can’t help you for this pin configuration, sorry.
This is the only analog section in the circuit, rest everything is purely based on digital switching that we explained in the post. I figured out the problem that since here the ground is actually the negative terminals of the battery, a wire connected from the negative terminals has to be immersed in water. Could you tell me how to combine your automatic water tank lever controller with this project?

I have many problems with combinig this two projects and I would be very grateful if you help me. In order to integrate Automatic Water tank controller to Water level indicator circuit you should alter the Automatic Water tank controller circuit. I used a 12V power source for led strips combined with a voltage regulator bought from ebay (in fact both of them are from ebay).
Beside this, you can use some connectors which will allow you to connect only when you want the above circuit. BTW, I can give eagle file for the circuits, I have made 2 circuits (with PCB), one with network resistor and one with single resistors. Good to see your hard work and helping students like me, can get lots of educational benefits from your ideas, May Allah Bless you for all of these efforts. This project is designed to identify the water level in an overhead tank using a water- level sensor. Furthermore, the project can be enhanced by interfacing it with a buzzer to alert when the water level falls below the minimum level. When water level rises, the ground comes in contact with the particular pin of encoder input. I make a water level indicator and controller on a breadboard using 74LS148 and other ICs to control the relay.
I know it is too late to followup you, but considering to my situation I was too busy with last 2 weeks and did,t get time to reply the comments.

I know the situation and timing of an Engineering student, Please don’t feel bad to us. This system also displays the water level as a numeric indication (0-9) on a 7-segment display. It is built around priority encoder, BCD-to-7-segment decoder, 7-segment display and a few discrete components. Each hexadecimal digit is displayed when its 4 bit binary equivalent is received as input, as shown in the truth table below.
Due to high input impedance, priority encoder senses water in the container from its nine input terminals. Priority encoder has nine active-low inputs and converts the active input into active- low BCD output.
The ripples are removed using a capacitive filter and, it is then regulated to +5V using a voltage regulator 7805, which is required for the operation of different ICs and components. Combining this project with our previous post ‘Automatic water tank level controller’ will give a complete automated control system for home and industries. This water level sensor consist of 8 to 3 encoder (74148- 8 line to 3 line priority encoder) with some water sensor arrangement.

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