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High Level Alarm notifies personnel of potential overflow condition if water starts to flow back into the drum. Each Drum Alarm is outfitted with a chemical pickup tube with external tubing connection allowing easy installation to your pump. Water tank overflow liquid level sensor alarm circuit is a simple electronics project for school students. Initially the potential at point A in the circuit is Vcc, so the transistor Q1 remains in ON state (Read transistor act as a digital switch) and its collector voltage at Vce sat (0.02V). 0.02V is not sufficient to turn ON the transistor Q2, hence it remains in OFF state and the buzzer will not produce any sound. The high voltage at the collector of Q1 turns ON the transistor Q2 since this high voltage is connected to the base of transistor Q2, then a current flow occur though the buzzer circuit and it produces beep alarm sound. See the simulation window below, here instead of buzzer circuit we have used a LED for simulation. If you are interested in similar project circuits don’t forget to like our facebook page and also subscribe via mail.

I am a learner in this field though I am Electrical engineer I never worked with electricity but work on chemical plant setting and turnkey project.
I tried using 2amp but still its not working in water, at the same time when I connect both the probes directly it is working.
Sir, please let me know can the same project with the same components can be implemented in home where we will have 240W power supply?
CircuitsGallery introducing 'The NEW CG PROGRAM STORE', from where you can buy embedded program codes. Our YouTube channel provides collection of various video demonstration of Circuits, Engineering Projects, Simulations etc. In the previous articles we had discussed about numeric water level indicator and water level controller circuit ,but those circuits are much complex and are advanced projects for engineering students.
When water level rises, the ground comes in contact with the base terminal of transistor Q1.
But with this the dc current pass through water which causes lose of energy and ionise the water.

It produces a beep sound when the water tank  is completely filled by water.The advantage of this project circuit is that it saves water from accidental over flow. The circuit simply consists of a liquid (water) level sensor or water level detector with BC547 transistors. Any electronics hobbyist can implement this circuit at your home or work places at a cheap rate ($0.5). The heart of this water over flow circuit is  the transistor switching part. So this circuit always prevents the wastage of water when you forget to switch OFF the motor pump set after switch ON.

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