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Overview A water system serving a community near Scranton, PA, constructed in the 1970s, was deficient in water storage capacity due to growth.
When selecting a float switch for a liquid level sensing application, a number of factors need to be considered, including float switch and gasket materials, physical arrangement, electrical ratings and cable type, says Simon Dear of Cynergy3 Components. Many industrial processes require devices that are able to sense the level of liquid stored within various types of tank or chamber. One of the most reliable, well-proven technologies for liquid level sensing is a float switch. The choice of styles that may be suitable for an application will depend on the physical arrangement of the tank, the available mounting positions and whether access is available to the inside of the tank. Another important consideration is whether a build up of deposits from the liquid on the float body is likely to occur.
It is critical to select a float switch that is constructed from the right materials that are compatible with the liquids and temperatures of the particular application. Polypropylene (PP): suitable for many acids and alkali, detergents, inorganic and organic chemicals, oils and water.
Polyphenylene sulphide (PPS): suitable for many of the more aggressive chemicals and higher process temperatures, up to 120?C. Stainless steel: suitable for most medical and food applications, chemicals, hydraulic fluids, fuel oils and applications with process temperatures up to 135?C.
Selection of the most suitable materials for both float switch and gasket can be made by referring to a ‘Chemical Compatibility’ table. It is important to fully understand the nature of the load that needs to be switched and to ensure that the float switch is capable of handling this load. In applications where aggressive liquids may spill onto external wiring, it is important to specify particular materials for the cables used to connect to the float switches. Our head office with ample free parking is situated 15 minutes from Bournemouth, 30 minutes from Southampton and only 90 minutes from London Heathrow Airport.
The C3 Components office in the United States is situated 20 minutes south of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Our 3000 litre Adblue tank is manufactured in our UK factory, constructed with the highest quality plastic.
All of our adblue tanks are weatherproof and impact resistant, so you can be assured of buying a quality product.
The signals from these devices may be used to control the production process or to provide indication of the status.
This type of switch comprises a magnet contained within a float, as well as a magnetic reed switch contained within a fixed housing. These deposits can, over a period of time, accumulate to such an extent that the float switch can fail to operate. Component damage as a result of incorrect materials selection can ultimately cause failure of a float switch, which may have severe consequences. These tables provide a good indication of the suitability of the various float switch materials in a wide range of liquids. The electrical ratings, which most manufacturers provide in their float switch specifications, are for purely resistive loads. There are standard, UL-approved cable types for the various float switches, as well as high temperature, low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) and other specialised materials. These include float switches for all types of environment, including industrial process control, safe areas, intrinsically safe and hazardous areas (ATEX-certified), as well as WRAS-approved switches for drinking water applications.
Although our Adblue products are competitively priced, they are manufactured from the highest quality plastic. The movement of the float, due to the changing liquid level, will cause the reed switch to operate (i.e.
Whilst particular types of float switch have been developed to limit the effects of this build up, the experience and knowledge of the switch manufacturer is also critical here. For some process liquids, it may be necessary to obtain a sample float switch in order to test the compatibility. Any loads that have either inductive or capacitive components should have the appropriate contact protection measure applied.

However, if the application is in a hazardous area, for example, a petrochemical storage tank where flammable gases, vapours or dust are present, a stainless steel, explosion-proof float switch will be required. Vertical mounting types normally have a fixed vertical stem, which is installed through the top or bottom of a tank, along which slides a cylindrical float.
This location was central to the water system and at a hydraulically ideal high ground elevation.
This tried and trusted technology is based on a relatively simple design that offers long term reliability without the need for the user to calibrate the switch.
Unfortunately, the community wanted nothing to do with a giant water tank protruding from the scenery amongst their homes, requiring an alternative engineering and design option. Solution Details “Not in My Backyard” (NIMBY) is often a struggle for water system owners when siting a new tank, as nobody understandably wants water infrastructure interfering with their view.
This community had approximately 185 current connections, with growth projections up to 300.
While the PADEP requires at least one day average consumption of water storage for a system of this size (46,000 gal. After hearing the community’s concerns, we evaluated a second site where another system well was located. This site was on the outskirts of the development, at a lower ground elevation, but there was some inconspicuous space to construct a 100,000 gal. The new tank, standing only 15’ tall, was feasible with the addition of a booster pumping station, ensuring water from the tank would be conveyed throughout the area with sufficient pressure to meet distribution system requirements.

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