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One of the most frequently-asked questions in the South African solar industry at present is whether one should purchase a Flat-Plate Collector Solar System or an Evacuated Tube Solar System. It is a fact that Evacuated Tubes heat up faster than their Flat-Plate collector counterparts and are capable of attaining higher temperatures. So to summarize, Evacuated Tubes reach higher temperatures and heat up faster, but are more fragile and have a lesser lifespan. Based upon DOE estimated average daily hot water usage of 64.3 gallons and Federal mandated minimum Energy Factor ratings. If that falls into the tank or splits or breaks, then cold mixes with hot and suddenly your water heater doesn’t work nearly as well as before. There’s a ton of Americans out there who know all about this because of a debacle a few years ago. Debacles aside, you should also be aware that even good plastic will eventually become brittle with age and hot water. If the application has a continuously circulating hot water loop (pumped loop), as is the case in many commerical and selected high-end residential applications, the tank type water heater is used. If energy source is electricity, the clear choice is the tankless type as the heater may be installed at the use point. Water heating is a thermodynamic process that uses an energy source to heat water above its initial temperature. Solar Water Heater is the cost-effective way to heat water for homes, commercial use, hotel, swimming pools etc.
Solar water heating (SWH) is the conversion of sunlight into renewable energy for water heating using a solar thermal collector. SolarTech Solar Water Heater manufacturing platform is South Africa's leader in understanding 'hot water under pressure' mechanics and engineering.
Flat-Plate collector panels are more durable and will last longer, but reach lower temperatures. In every water heater, there is a plastic tube parked in the cold port that brings cold water to the bottom of the tank to be heated — and preventing it from mixing with already-heated water in the top of the tank.

The company that makes most of the dip tubes in this country changed its formula for the plastic. But the terms of that expired several years ago, so if you find you have the problem, all you can do is try to deal with it. We’ve found dip tubes in old water heaters that were split and broken. Assuming that the installing entity properly selects the heater for the expected load (tank type and tankless water heaters do come in various sizes for various water heating loads), the main advantages tankless heaters have over tank type heaters are an endless supply of hot water (no more hot to cold showers) and energy efficiency. For residential applications, most of the energy expended (>50%) in a tank-type heater is used to compensate for convection heat losses when the heater is in stand-by mode (no water users).
The tank acts buffer to even out variable loads and reduce the size of the primary heating equipment. Made available to clients at a market leading rate, the offered Solar Water Heater Tank is considered to be amongst the primary preferences. Ensure hot water for all seasons with a broad range of solar water heaters from Tata Power Solar. SolarTech Solar Water Heaters are manufactured according to international solar technology standards to meet the unique climatic conditions in South Africa. A special chemical formula inside each tube starts to boil between 30 and 40 degrees celsius. However, one's skin can only tolerate water temperature of little over 40 degrees celsius so don't let the higher temperature capability be the sole consideration in choosing your system. Even after replacing the dip tube and flushing the tank, you might still find plastic bits for awhile.
These convection heat losses only heat a typically unheated space such as a basement; thereby wasting the heat.
SolarTech's engineering team uses the finest quality materials in its solar water heating systems to optimise the performance of its heat collector panels and of the storage tanks.
The solar panel is mounted on the roof and is connected to a solar geyser which can also be installed on top of the roof (above the panel) or inside the ceiling.

This quickly heats up the copper rods in each tube which in turns heats the water which passes through the manifold. In addition the higher the temperature the more cold water you will need to mix in order to bring the temperature down to a level which your skin can tolerate. The tankless heater does not have these convective losses therefore does not waste this heat. SolarTech Solar Water Heaters carry a standard 5-year warrantee and are expected to last 20 years or more.
Flat-plate collector panels have been around since the 1950's and whilst the materials used in the manufacture of the solar panels have improved over time, the technology within the system is largely the same.
The manifold in turn is connected to a geyser (some evacuated tube systems are connected directly to a geyser instead of a manifold). The glass tube are fragile and whilst they need to be a minimum of 2mm thick and pass a hail-test in order to receive SABS-test accreditation, they may break if they are dropped or come into contact with a stone or golf-ball.
Aside from gradually or suddenly having much less hot water, the telltale was finding bits of plastic clogging faucet aerators.
The system utilizes the thermosyphon principle whereby cold water is fed into the bottom of the solar panel, and as the panel is heated by the sun the water in turn is heated and automatically starts to rise to the top of the solar panel from where it is then fed into the solar geyser. The tubes can also lose their evacuated state over time which will require replacement of the tube.
The Flat-Plate Collector System is a tried and tested system which has provided thousands of people with solar-heatedwater for decades.
Simply replacing this inexpensive part can restore your tank’s function to new and save you the cost of a new heater.

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