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416 – You will buy this during one of the early missions when you are introduced to the gun shop. 417 – Slightly better than the 416 but has a burst shot instead of full auto, only hold 20 rounds. SGR-12 – Slightly better than the M-104 and holds more ammo, shoots quicker than the M-104. SVD – Basic sniper rifle with good enough power to kill most unarmored enemies in one shot. Spec Ops SMG-11 – Same as above but silence, still need to be close for it to be effective. Aiden Pearce will have one main place where all of his technology and data are collectively stored (courtesy of the Blume Corporation).
Hideouts and houses will feature armories, allowing the player to store weapons and ammunition. Aiden had two hideouts in Parker Square, the Owl Motel and a Blume shipping container, and both were found by his enemies.
In Bad Blood Blume found Aiden's Parker Square hideout and discovered that Aiden was using The Bunker as a hideout.
Inside the Tidis hideout by the door there is the Chicago South Club symbol, there is also one by T-Bone's bed, in the room with the TVs on the wall, and on the outside by other posters. After Mick Wolfe is rescued from the Four Clubs, Aiden's people take him to a hideout in the old projects near Washington Park. By now many of you have already hopped into Watch Dogs, but maybe you haven’t quite explored the full scope of the game.
Decoy – Normally we tell you to avoid catching the eye of the law, but when you’re a decoy, that’s exactly the point. Alone – Watch Dogs takes on a survival horror-esque feel with the Alone Digital Trip.
Poker – We’ve all played poker, but we haven’t all had access to an ultra-powerful smartphone while we did so. Privacy Invasion – With just a quick hacking puzzle, you can find yourself invading the home of some innocent Chicagoan. QR Code – Locate the QR codes spread across Chicago and align each part to receive a special audio log.

Shipping Crate – Locate each of the 9 mysterious crates containing crafted tools and gain access to a special mission uncovering the story behind them.
Criminal Convoys – Kill or knock down targets in a moving convoy by any means necessary. Crime interventions – There are dangerous people in this world, and in the world of Watch Dogs, maybe another dangerous person can step in and help out. Players will assume the role of Aiden Pearce, a new type of vigilante who, with the help of his smartphone, will use his ability to hack into Chicago’s central operating system (ctOS) and control almost every element of the city. Anne Lewis began her career as an editor at PlayStation: The Official Magazine, where she worked under former UbiBlog editor Gary Steinman. Finding Watch Dogs Burner Phone Locations will unlock the entire trophy and achievement and earn you the Sanity Check.
You will need to acquire sufficient money to purchase any of the weapons that you see listed below and in the images. Here is a list of every piece of side content at your fingertips in the massive open world (excluding the seamless online and ctOS mobile experiences). Each one poses a new puzzle that requires you to use cameras and items in your environment to unlock gates and gain access to the rooftop towers. Use their souls to power up your vehicle and clear the streets of wave after wave of infernal creatures. Beat back the unnatural darkness flooding Chicago and avoid the enemies scanning the area for you. Use the tools at your disposal to access security cameras in the area that let you peep your opponents’ cards, and monitor their stress levels to give you an idea of when they’re bluffing. Try your luck against some of Chicago’s hardened alcoholics in a series of progressively more difficult drunken minigames.
Aiden will be able to tap into the city’s omnipresent security cameras, download personal information to locate a target, control systems such as traffic lights or public transportation to stop a chase, and more. Now she's a lone wolf, prowling around her corner of the office and slowly descending into madness. Follow our Watch Dogs Weapons Guide and Full List to get all the different details about each of them. Their story purpose was to be safehouses for Blume officials, (even though they are never used for that purpose).

From the outside it was run down with broken windows and Black Viceroy graffiti all over it.
Install a backdoor in the system that reveals Collectibles, Hideouts and other goodies in the area. Take control of this massive beast and stalk the streets destroying everything in your path and racking up points for all the mayhem. Yes, people near you will see you running around shooting at invisible things, but it’s okay because everyone in Chicago is playing. All you have to do is finish said minigames before the darkness closes in and you black out.
Don’t get detected until the profiler tells you it’s time to intervene or you’ll miss out on your opportunity to get a good reputation award.
As you go to all the 8 audio file locations to investigate what you need to to complete other type of missions to be able to unlock the achievement and trophy. All of the non-story shipping containers hideouts each contain a computer that has an audio file.
Most of the inside was in ruin as well, with missing apartment doors and areas where copper wiring was pulled from. It’s available right now for Season Pass holders and will be widely accessible next week.
When Anne isn’t writing about games, she's alphabetizing her comic book collection or shooting at stuff with a bow.
Aiden is able to warp in between hideouts at any time in free roam but not during missions. However, on the seventh floor Aiden converted a room into a safe-house with a double layered steel door.

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