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The design philosophy behind our STPa€™s has always been to keep the operating cost as low as possible. Grey water is defined as the water generated from washing activities such asA  bathing and laundry. World over there is now recognition that decentralized wastewater treatment is a better alternative to a centralized wastewater treatment system from the angle of investment, energy consumption and efficiency. The plastic septic tanks wall thickness as per international standard for a 3000ltrs would be about 8- 10mm against 250 mm wall thickness of a masonary alternative. The Plastic Tanks have  tight manholes with almost 100 % water seal ability hence chances of the sewage overflowing from the tank are almost negligible. The installation process is reduced drastically and the time saved is considerable thus allowing projects to be completed much faster and more efficiently. Only SINTEX Tanks are manufactured to rigid quality standards by the most advance technology. KiTEC is an aluminimum and polyethylene composite that combines the best features of both materials to form a pipe that is light, strong and does not support corrosion. Hygiene : KiTEC is hygienic, non-toxic, rust –free and eliminates growth of microorganisms.
Permeation : KiTEC’s aluminum core acts as a permeation barrier against entry of contaminants, and limits oxygen permeation to virtually zero. UV Resistance and Opacity : KiTEC pipes do not have any effect of UV radiation when laid exposed.
Resistance to freezing : In plumbing and water supply applications, KiTEC pipe can withstand multiple cycles of freezing and thawing while under pressure without bursting up to -40 0 C.
Sperry Plast Limited, with over thirty years of experience in the Plastic Industry, is now a dominant player in the fields of Elastomer Compounding, Polymer Compounding, Injection Molding Machiner, Adhesives and Molds with Turnkey Projects.
Sperry Group has its head office in New Delhi and four strategically located plants at Jammu, Chennai, Bahadurgarh (Haryana), Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh).
Sperry with its strong experience in the Plastics Industry has now entered in the CPVC (Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride) Pipes & Fittings based on latest technology using the world’s best European Plant and Machinery, Testing Equipments & Raw Material. Sperry has incorporated Latest Technology and Quality Control Programmes which are widely accepted at global level to develop CPVC plumbing system, as per the Indian as well as International Plumbing Market requirements. Sperry CPVC Pipes and Fittings are today’s most advanced Hot and Cold Water Plumbing System giving numerous advantages of corrosion resistance, no scaling, chemical resistance, hot and cold water compatibility, fire resistance, low thermal expansion, safety for drinking water, freedom from leakages and wall dampening, lowest bacteria growth besides easy installation and cost effectivity. In today’s fast paced world where time is money it is essential to arm yourself against all the shortcomings, With frequent shutdown and blackouts in power supply it is important & uninterrupted power supply to operate efficiently. From small to medium businesses and households, Powerline is an indispensable gadget with state of the art technology at a affordable price. Circuit Breaker Protection that activates to protect the generator When an overload condition is reached.

OHV engine for lower fuel and oil consumption and smooth running Rubber mounted within sturdy tubular frame. Specific tuned electric pulses are included into the battery, which activities the sulphate crystals.
Ideal for public & private transport buses, trucks, lorries, railways, telecom, vehicles of army, police, fire brigades, ambulance, cars, boats, industrial applications such as UPS, etc. Square Plastic Water Tank With Lid, View Plastic water tank, Double Sheep Product Details from Jieyang City Double Sheep Industry Co., Ltd.
If treated properly this water can be used very effectivelyA  for our non-potable water requirement such as toilet flushing, car washing, gardening, constructions, cooling towers, etc. We also strive to keep the foot print of our systems to a minimum and to provide ease in maintenance by keeping our systems extremely user friendly. There are many areas within cities, towns and villages that are impossible to cover through centralized wastewater treatment system. This means, the space required for the wall is much less hence the underground space required is reduced substantially. Only SINTEX Tanks have stood the test of time and are serving satisfactorily for nearly 20 years. By combining the two materials along with adhesive layers, KiTEC pipe avoids the unaccepted thermal expansion and deformation of plastic pipe. KiTEC is easily formed into curves, set by hand and only requires bending springs when forming tight bends down to radius equivalent to 5 times the diameter of pipe.
The ratings meet most building code requirements allowing for the use of KiTEC in high-rise construction as well as in return air plenums and vertical shafts. Permeation is the molecular transport of chemicals, from the soil surrounding the pipe, through the pipe wall and into the fluid being carried within.
This eliminates the need of installation “offsets” and the concern about abrading pipe due to constant movement as a result of temperature changes. KiTEC composite pipes provide an increased resistance to the onset of condensation or pipe sweating in a plumbing application. We have a compounding capacity to over 50,000 TPA with a state of art Research & Development Center supported by a dedicated team of sales and technical experts. Sperry has a mission of utilizing its strong technical know how, continuing technological developments and its experience in the Plastic Industry to make top quality CPVC Pipes and fittings for serving the society, in a better manner, in the 21st century.
No longer is one required to live up with Meal Based Plumbing Systems which have limited life besides number of other disadvantages. Powerline Digital Power Pack is a correct alternative that takes care of all your power needs during the power crisis. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

Depending on the quality of the input water and the desired application for re-use we make use of the followingA A  technologies to design our systems.
It has, therefore, become imperative to evolve decentralized wastewater treatment systems that take care of proper treatment and disposal of wastewater, in line with our innovative past, we now bring to you Sintex Package Type Wastewater Treatment Systems (PWTS) that are compact and can be used in a decentralized manner anywhere for proper treatment of wastewater. Only a strong, durable, hygienic and maintenance free water tank will enable you to enjoy all the comforts and amenities of modern living. At the same time, it retains the flexibility, frost resistance and ease of use associated with plastic.
Unlike plastic plumbing pipes, KiTEC permanently holds whatever shape it is formed into and does not need additional clips or brackets to retain the shape of bends or curves. KiTEC pipe has passed all the tests of pipe for potable water in accordance with British Standard BS 6920 by the British Water Quality Centre. Thawing can be done using a hot air blow gun, hot water injection and electric blanket or heating cable method. In case of hot water piping, the insulation requirement is only 50% of the same required for conventional metal pipes.
We are an ISO 9001:2002 certified company & has implemented internationally acclaimed ERP software system – SAP throughout its operations, to serve the Indian & the global customers.
Pipes are produced in copper tube size (CTS) from 15mm (half Inch) to 50 mm (2 inches) with two different dimension ration (SDR) that is SDR 11 and SDR 13.5 and fittings are produced in SDR 11.
Reason Why, when it comes to water storage tank you should never compromise on quality or price, and insist only on the best – SINTEX. Soluble encrust ants, such as calcium carbonate do not readily precipitate onto the smooth walls of KiTEC pipes. KiTEC is widely used for the transmission and distribution of potable water providing a second line of defence for the plumbing system. This tank is Sun registence control puff in middle layer, so water temprature controled in this tank. Low expansion coefficient is due to tie layer which eliminates the differential expansion of plastic and metal. Reason why more and more engineers, architects, builders and houseowners are switching to SINTEX. These widely used plastic water tanks are Tested and approved by leading laboratories, industries and institutions. Sintex Water tanks are available in various water storage capacities from 50liters to 400 liters.

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