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We Sell, Hire and Modify shipping containers and we can also arrange your shipping container delivery. Feel free to contact Port Container Services now by phone or fill out an instant quote form, and a member of the team will help you with any of your shipping container enquiries. Port Container Services offer premium shipping containers for sale and hire that can be delivered directly to your door, anywhere in Australia. What questions do you have about storage containers, cargo containers, and shipping containers? Our team of experienced container technicians will help you find the right shipping container, storage container, or cargo container for your needs.
Below you can find our range of shipping container products that we supply to most states of America.
Port Containers have a large range of container products at competitive prices, and can help you find the right solution for your storage problems.
Whether you are after a new or used container, we have a large range in stock available in a variety of sizes and colors. The average age of containers in our dedicated hire fleet is less than three years old from manufacturing date. With our network of agents across America, we can arrange delivery to your door, wherever you may be located. Make sure to keep us in mind the next time you are in the market for a used shipping container. For more information, feel free to call one of our experience shipping container technicians. Port Container Services are one of the leading shipping container suppliers in Australia that can give you the right price and advice on any of our shipping container products. Not only does Port Container Services supply new shipping containers for sale, but we also have used shipping containers for sale also. Shipping containers come in three standard sizes - 10ft shipping containers, 20ft shipping containers and 40ft shipping containers.
Our shipping containers can be fitted with optional shipping container accessories to add additional functionality. From our shipping container depots in South East Queensland, Premier Box provides high quality shipping containers, excellent customer service and competitive shipping container prices to customers across Australia. Because of this original design, shipping containers are effectively giant building blocks with endless possibilities. Not everyone who buys a shipping container is wanting to turn it into a container home or container coffee shop. Premier Shipping Containers is excited to announce the opening of their new container storage depot in Narangba, conveniently located just 25 minutes north of Brisbane and 15 minutes south of Caboolture. If you're looking for hassle-free and cost-effective self storage containers, look no further. If this image violates your copyright, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we receive your feedback.
Home STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS AND TERMINOLOGY FOR A TYPICAL 20' ISO CARGO SHIPPING CONTAINER. We have a large range of shipping containers available from a number of Shipping Container Depots all over Australia. Our shipping containers are ideal to use for storage, and we can even modify your shipping container so they can be used for a workshops, site office or even an accommodation unit.
Our shipping container depots located across the country hold new and used stock, chances are there's one near you. Port Containers is a reputable company that specializes in all types of containers for sale and container rental.
If you want to rent containers, buy shipping containers, or find used shipping containers, Port Containers is the place for you. Our friendly sales team have the right knowledge and experience when it comes to container sales and container rental. All of our containers feature double swing doors that open to a large 270 degrees allowing easy access when loading or unloading your cargo. Whether you want it for long or short term storage, we have clean, quality containers ready for delivery.
This assures you that your container will be of the highest quality with little surface rust and dings.
We offer exceptionally fast delivery of the highest quality containers for both long or short term periods.

They will be able to find the best container product for your needs at a competitive price. Our new and used shipping containers for sale are built from high quality components and can be delivered directly to your location, Australia wide. Our used shipping containers are refurbished to near new conditions, though we also have shipping containers straight off the stack at competitive prices. We design and manufacture shipping container products such as Granny Flats, Site Sheds, Portable Workshops and Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers. Whether you are a private buyer, government department or a multinational organisation we have a shipping container product & service that will meet your needs. Our container hire agreements are extremely flexible & our container hire prices will not be beaten.
If you are interested in building a container home or even a shipping container restaurant, why not give us a call 07 3888 3011 or see Shipping Container Modifications for more info. Shipping container storage facilities are now available at our Narangba container storage depot.
Note: On some ISO shelters, some of the primary structural components may be concealed within the wall, roof, and floor panels.
Internationally standard fitting (casting) located at the eight corners of the container structure to provide means of handling, stacking and securing containers. Vertical structural member located at the four corners of the container and to which the corner fittings are joined. Lateral structural member situated over the door opening and joined to the corner fittings in the door end frame. Lateral structural member at the bottom of the door opening and joined to the corner fittings in the door end frame.
The structural assembly at the rear (door end) of the container consisting of the door sill and header joined at the rear corner fittings to the rear corner posts to form the door opening.
Lateral structural member situated at the top edge of the front end (opposite the door end) of the container and joined to the corner fittings. Lateral structural member situated at the bottom edge of the front end (opposite the door end) of the container and joined to the corner fittings.
The structural assembly at the front end (opposite the door end) of the container consisting of top and bottom end rails joined at the front corner fittings to the front corner posts. Longitudinal structural member situated at the top edge of each side of the container and joined to the corner fittings of the end frames. Longitudinal structural member situated at the bottom edge of each side of the container and joined to the corner fittings to form a part of the understructure.
An assembly consisting of bottom side and end rails, door sill (when applicable), cross members and forklift pockets. Reinforced tunnel (installed in pairs) situated transversely across the understructure and providing openings in the bottom side rails at ISO prescribed positions to enable either empty capacity or empty and loaded capacity container handling by forklift equipment.
Recessed area in the forward portion of the understructure to accommodate transport by a gooseneck chassis. A material constructed of laminates of fiberglass, polyester resins, and plywood, also known as sandwich panel. Corrugated or flat sheet steel, a riveted or bonded aluminum sheet and wall post assembly, FRP, foam and beam, aluminum, or honeycomb material that forms the side wall or end wall. Interior or exterior intermediate vertical component to which sheet aluminum or steel is riveted or welded to form a wall panel. Encapsulated vertical component to which sheet aluminum or steel is bonded to form a wall panel.This is found in foam and beam panels. A side wall panel of a corrugated steel configured with a flat portion used for the display of markings and placards. A strip of thin metal installed at the bottom of the interior walls to protect the lower portion of the lining from damage by materials handling equipment during loading or unloading operations.
A common name for a lining shield installed on the lower portion of the interior front end wall.
Two or more devices permanently attached to the side or end wall panel that provides openings for the exchange of air (but not water) between the outside and the container interior. Corrugated or flat sheet steel, sheet aluminum, FRP, or foam and beam and aluminum honeycomb panel that forms the top closure of the container.
Lateral non-structural member attached to the top side rails and supporting the underside of the roof panel. Encapsulated horizontal component to which sheet aluminum or steel is bonded to form a roof panel.

An additional metal plate on the interior or exterior of the roof panel adjacent to the top corner fittings that provides protection of the roof panel or top rail components from misaligned handling equipment. Jargon for "tarpaulin" which is a waterproof and flexible fabric used for covering the top of an open-top container. Material that is supported by the cross members and bottom rails to form a load bearing surface for the cargo. A formed steel or aluminum strip (usually hat-shaped section) installed between joints of the plywood sheet flooring or joints of the plywood sheet lining to help integrate and support the edges of the plywood. A type of fixed or removable panel construction used in ISO Shelters consisting of a thin inner and outer sheet aluminum skin, bonded or fastened to a core constructed of either honeycomb or structural foam and aluminum beams. An additional metal plate on the exterior of the roof panel adjacent to the top corner fittings that provides protection to the roof panel or top rail components from misaligned handling equipment.
These can easily be delivered to your door and come in a range of sizes that include 20 ft.
As we buy containers in bulk directly from the ports when they hit our shores, we receive the best price - which we then pass the savings onto our customers. If you want to buy shipping containers, cargo containers, or storage containers, there is no need to look further.
Our shipping containers are also extremely durable as they are made from marine grade corten steel with solid timber flooring. All of our units are serviced before dispatch and usually be delivered the next day after payment. For a no-obligation free quote, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our experienced and professional sales team or send us an online enquiry below and receive an instant quote. A used shipping container is an incredible option for many of our customers, not to mention our great storage containers. Port Containers has a dedicated fleet of shipping containers for rent, strategically spread across the country, offering speedy delivery at short notice around America. We can guarantee a competitive price on our 20' shipping container as we have an abundance of shipping containers ready for dispatch.
We supply new and used shipping containers to Councils, The Defence Force, Government Departments and also the general public. We can deliver a 10ft shipping container, 20ft shipping container or 40ft shipping container for hire directly to your door, and they are available for long or short term hire.
For more information fill in our instant online quote form to your left and recieve a competitive shipping container quote today. Premier Box self storage containers are of the highest quality, giving you peace of mind when you choose us for your storage needs. The flooring is usually constructed of laminated wood planks, plywood sheets, or other composition material and is screwed or bolted to the cross members. Our shipping container hire options are competitive, we're sure to have the solution for you or your business.
We can even install a security lock box to your shipping containers for sale to ensure that your goods are safe and secure. We believe that this should be hassle free, so all of our storage containers, shipping containers, and cargo containers are available to you quickly.
Don’t forget to go to Port Containers for all of your shipping, cargo, and storage container needs.
This allows container ships to utilise every inch of space available, with cargo containers stacked one on top of the other six high, or neatly side by side. The driver was first class in his help and his ability to place the container where I wanted it. Some containers have welded steel or aluminum flooring, sandwhich panels or a combination of metal and wood. Our storage containers are sure to satisfy any customer, and our cargo containers will get the job done right. We stock new and used shipping containers and also offer shipping container rental options for long and short term periods. We provide Specialized Storage solutions to industries, small businesses, schools and private individuals along with being the market leaders in the rental and sale of containers in the American domestic market. When dealing with Port Containers, you are using a company with an established reputation for service excellence, expert knowledge and personal customer attention.

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