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We have quality used shipping containers for sale in Baltimore, Maryland at wholesale prices. We sell 20 ft used shipping container, 40 ft used shipping containers, 40 HC used shipping containers, and 20 ONE trip used shipping containers. I am in the Washngton DC area and am interested in the pricing of 20' and 40' containers (both insulated and uninsulated). Our team of experienced container technicians will help you find the right shipping container for your needs and can offer you a shipping container at reduced rates. Below you can find our range of shipping container products that we supply to most states of America. For more information, feel free to call one of our experience shipping container technicians. We have a range of new and used shipping containers available for sale and hire and come in both 20' and 40' sizes. There are a range of shipping container grades to choose from depending on your budget, these include New Builds, Cargo Worth, and As Is units. New Build containers are recently manufactured units that have been shipped from China with a cargo load. Flat Rack Containers are designed to transport cargo which exceeds the dimensions available in General Purpose, High Cube and Open Top Containers.

Below you can find some photos of our flat rack shipping containers in stock that can be delivered to your door. New York - Long Island - Chicago - California - Long Beach - Oakland - Detroit - New Jersey - Maryland - Baltimore - Connecticut - Pennsylvania - Philadelphia - Indiana- Massachusetts - Florida - Miami - Jacksonville - Oklahoma - Tulsa - Oklahoma City - Georgia - Atlanta - Savannah - Ohio - Cleveland - Columbus - Cincinnati - Salt Lake city - Denver - Seattle - Texas - Dallas - Houston - North Carolina - South Carolina - Virginia - Norfolk - New Orleans - Memphis - Montreal - Toronto - Vancouver.
Most of the time, transactions outside of your local area involving money orders, cashier checks, wire transfers or shipping (especially overseas shipping) are scams or frauds.
They do NOT have to meet up to CURRENT SHIPPING REGULATIONS as I am looking at them for STORAGE.
They will be able to find the best container product for your needs at a competitive price. All of our shipping containers feature double swing doors that open to a wide 270 degrees for easy loading, multiple tie down anchore points insite the container and trated timber flooring. These grades are available for most of our products including our standard general purpose containers, high cubes, side openers and refrigerated containers. They consist of a flat bed with fixed or collapsible ends and have a high loading capacity frame meaning they can be stacked. Our sales team look forward to helping you with your storage needs so give them a call today or click on the instant quote button.
Port containers LA have a steady stream of good quality, new and used shipping containers at very affordable prices.

All our containers are built with high quality steel components with 3mm marine grade corten steel sheeting. They have still made one ocean journey and have been handled by fork lifts and trucks, so they often will have the odd cargo mark or a dent or two. Generally they are between 7 and 15 years old and will have surface rust where they are scratched and multiple dents and dings from being handled by fork lifts and trucks over the course of their life. Built with tyne pockets to allow you to load your flat rack container then lift it ready fo transport via road or rail. Also, do you deliver to Culpeper, Virginia (60 miles west of Tysons corner with wide roads). We can also fit a security lock box for extra peace of mind to ensure you contents is safe and secure. New Build shipping containers are painted in a controlled environment using multiple layer paint application.

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