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10’ shipping containers are ideal for small spaces like job sites, small offices and residences. 20’ shipping containers are the most common, accessible and affordable option when purchasing a shipping container. 40’ shipping containers compared to 20’ containers are much more cost effective per square foot.
45’ shipping containers compared to 20’ containers are much more cost effective per square foot.
Sign in to the video below, which Hickton ordered Arda Demir to make "private", then X-rated.

These containers are easy to transport and place on site in small areas and offer the same security as the standard size units.
20’ in length, these units are ideal for agriculture, industrial, military, personal use, document storage, car storage and construction use to name a few. All of our used containers are thoroughly inspected, repaired, and ensured to be wind and water tight and structurally sound. These containers have only been used once when transported from China the origin of the container to get to our depots across Canada. These containers are ideal for warehouses, job sites, car dealerships, tire storage and large storage needs.

These units require a lot less maintenance over the years as they have not undergone the wear and tear of being transported overseas year after year.

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