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Advanced shipping and storage container search, Advanced shipping and storage container search search for new and used shipping containers for sale in your area.
Ipme - new, used, modified and refurbished shipping, International port managment enterprise (ipme) is a premier container building developer and we retail new and used shipping containers and chassis in orange county. So if you need shipping advice then ask us as we are foreign and Thai owned and been Shipping for over 20 years now. Sea freight agents , Freight Forwarders, freight moving agents and Freight Agents Directory in Thailand offers the most complete and up to date listing of Customs Clearance Freight Forwarders and Freight Agents. YOUR OWN CLEARING AGENT: We can NOTIFY your clearing agent if you nominate one to accept your goods at the destination but remember our job is finished when we load the goods on board FOB or to the port of entry CIF or CF. As at 2012 all shipments for Personal every customer must sign an Indemnity form to cover us regarding all shipments. Our group has been involved with all aspects of shipping and cargo containers in the US, Europe, and parts of Asia for a total of roughly 20 years.
Whether you're interested in finding a single container, or a dealer looking to purchase multiple units, we can help.
Great unit for a storage shed on a farm, ranch, or commercial property, or a modular conversion project.
As at 2013 all shipments for Personal every customer must sign an Indemnity form to cover us regarding all shipments. Why not use our NEW 2013 stackable warehouse Plastic boxes to send back home with your personal or your shop shipping then use for storage. Buddha heads are very sentitive for Thais to send so be aware as many shippers will not ship because one item may be a head that now needs to be cleared by the Dept of Fine Arst and the Customs.
When asking us for a quotation and you wish to send personal items please tell us exactly what you are shipping. Yes if you are sending personal items home and want us to pick up yes we can do this anywhere in Bangkok. Sometimes it is easier to have a clearing agent to clear your goods and pay the duties for your goods coming in.

If you want to export under 45kgs please go to the Post Office & use Economy air service.
If you want to know duties and taxes in your country please ask your Customs or a shipping clearing agent in your country. Wooden Crate for Sale OEM Wood Crate Wooden Pallet Shipping Container Thai Wattana Packing Service Co. A crate is a large shipping container, often made of wood, typically used to transport large, heavy or awkward items.
Typically when the gap between boards is greater than the distance required for expansion, the crate would be considered an open crate. The strength of a wooden box is rated based on the weight it can carry before the top (top, ends, and sides).
A pallet is the structural foundation of a unit load which allows handling and storage efficiencies. Goods or shipping containers are often placed on a pallet secured with strapping, stretch wrap or shrink wrap and shipped. A Closed Crate is one that is completely or nearly completely enclosed with material such as plywood or lumber boards. A crate may be made of any material, for these reasons, the term crate used alone often implies one constructed of wood. These are based in Laem Chabang Port on our depot and we can ship outside Thailand or arrange transport to your destination in Thailand. Whatever your needs even if you just want a container transported inland rather than for shipping we have the container to suit your needs.
Browse freight forwarders and freight agent’s profiles below to find the most reliable freight forwarder in your area. Check these out as we manufacture & ship for our commercial customers as also protects your shipment then you can use.
Itemize all articles so we can tell you if you need fumigation, clearance from Customs and Fine Arts depts etc.

We have pickups and well as 6 and 10 wheeler trucks to cranes so can arrange to pick up for you anywhere in Thailand. For airfreight the minimum is 45kgs and under this you still have to pay for 45kgs as the start and the clearing costs at the detination you still have to pay. If shipping in Thailand you need to have a crane to unload at your destination which you need to arrange. Due to drugs etc and contraband we will no longer ship and pack goods and take responsibility if you do not sign our Indemnity form.
We will not quote you if you do not list all items you wish to shipTry to work out how many cubic metres you need to ship.
Please try to itemize all goods if you pack yourself as this is needed for customs to check at the destination port. They will save you the hassles etc of getting the goods direct to you thru customs and Agriculture depts. These containers are excellent for exporters wishing to have their own container or for storage. These containers are only ideal for storage but not for shipping overseas as they do not have a CSC plate. It is not within your interests to hidde any items as if customs does not see it on the packing list they can and will confiscate all your shipment.
You can contact these agents in your country but have a look at our agents, See our worldwide customs clearing agents [ Customs clearing agents ]. If wanting to truck for you remember we provide quotation for the truck but you will need to hire a crane to take the container off as our trucks are not swing arm trucks.
Over 1cbm the price gets cheaper so the more you do the cheaper it becomes.The same with clearing back in your country as the more you send the cheaper it is.

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