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Menyusun baju-baju kita sehabis setrika tidak mudah loh, apalagi jika baju kamu sudah terlalu penuh dilemari. Jika kami tidak balas YM anda, berarti YM kami sedang ERROR, mohon hubungi kami via telepon atau BB. However, using old drawers or wood boxes are a great way to recycle old pieces that are otherwise useless. Every effort is made to ensure clear and accurate information, but the materials provided at this site, are not warranted error free and you use all materials provided on this site, at your own risk.No material from this site may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any way, except that you may download one copy of the materials on any single computer or print one copy of the materials for non-commercial personal home use only, providing you keep intact all copyright notices and rights. Organizer ini juga terbuat dari bahan eco-friendly sehingga tidak membuat baju kita berbau apek walau diletakan di bawah kasur atau ditempat kecil sekalipun.

If you are confident that you can build a box or have an already built one on hand, this project is very easy.Begin by measuring the space available under your bed.
Bisa dilipat dengan mudah, dapat dibawa kemana pun bahkan saat anda traveling bersama keluarga, sangat multifungsi kan?
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I have a clearance of 7 inches in height under my bed and to allow for the height of the casters and a bit of clearance for the vinyl lid, I made my boxes a 5 inch height.You'll need to determine all of these measurements before you begin. From your plywood you will need to cut 4 sides and a base that will suit your measurements.

It's a good idea to prepare a little drawing of all the wood that should be followed ALWAYS!All of your side panels will be attached to the base top, using glue and nails or screws inserted from the bottom of the box, up through the sides of the panels. This will help in preventing the wood from splitting and I suggest that you do not skip this step.

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