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Although the vehicle I am working on is a 2005 Cadillac Escalade, this information is relevant to many OBD2 vehicles. As I stated earlier this particular vehicle is a 2005 Cadillac Escalade, but this relates to Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC  full sized Trucks and SUVs between 2003 and 2007 Classic series.
I have done this so many times that I went straight to the blown Lighter fuse in the underhood fuse box. Now we have power at the scan tool and I can proceed with checking the original customer complaint or hot air from the driver’s side vents. The answers would vary depending on the type of scan tool and the vehicle it is being connected to.
Rumor is that when Ford builds a car, they start by hanging the heater core on the assembly line.
I have also heard that on some Fords you can use a cutoff wheel to cut the firewall around the heater core and then remove it from the engine compartment. I know that sooner or later I will be doing the same job on my Expedition and cursing the fact that I was too cheap to pay someone to do it for me.
I bet that 7 hour labor charge for having a shop replace the heater core doesn’t look too expensive now?
Just to let you know that Dodge ram heater cores are only a little less painful to do (you can angle the dash instead or removing it) and newer GM pick ups are not much easier.
The wiring harnesses look klike crap because they’re buried under the dash and not exposed. I think it was a 2-3 hour job just to replace a burned out bulb in the dash of our 2000 Taurus Wagon. Our 84 econoline van was a pleasure to work on, but with 300K miles it required too much work to get running anywhere near safely.
Just got back from the Found On Road Dead dealer with $900 less than when I started the day. On a 99 F250 you can simply get to it by taking the glove box out so it only took a couple hours to do the whole job.
We have a dodge cummins 3500 that the fuel gage ouit working ,could it be the sending unit,or is there a relay that i’m not aware of? I had a ’68 Ford Galaxie that I had to remove the right front fender in order to change heater hoses, so this is nothing new.

My 98 f150 just started with the antifreeze odor in the cab; this is the 3rd time since owning it. Danny Redman: If you have 15 to 20 hours free time and can get hold of actual Ford Service Manual instructions you should be able to do the job yourself. Google is your friend, and there are several GOOD forums for Ford trucks that have plenty of information. If the dash doesn’t wiggle out fairly easily you forgot a screw or a wire is hanging up. Top mounted fuel pumps in trucks are standard, but an easy way to get to your F150 pump is to unbolt the bed!
Yes, it’s counterintuitive, but a # 5 Torx will get the bed bolts and after that all you need do is remove the screws holding the filler neck. Note that you can cut the original heater hoses and join them together with a hose splice kit (or other tubing and hose clamp arrangement) for a few dollars so you can wait to change the heater core.
I had a 2002 extended cab f150 that i loved.with just 60kmiles on it i had to replace the heater core.
I have a 93 ford f150 and i noticed i have a heater core under the hood and it looks like one behind the glove box..
To All with Heater core trouble : I have a 2001 F-150 Truck I used for 13 years and still running the problems beginning with the owner do not follow the simple indication of MAINTENCE on basic levels oil change on 3-4K miles Antifreez, flush or draining and cleaning at least one a years and running the heater on summer time twice at begin and the ending of season.
So if you have an Avalanche, Escalade, Silverado, Sierra, Suburban, Tahoe or Yukon this applied to your vehicle as well. On the fuse box legend, just to the right of the blown fuse is a fuse location marked CIG LTR,  15A.
My work has a large mostly ford fleet and the only way we have extended heater core life is to change the coolant annually. We had to replace a speedo cable and speedometer on our 95 Taurus wagon and it cost upwards of $800 due to the labor of ripping apart the dash and column. I work at a dealership and ford pays us 3.6 hours labor if we have to do it under warranty. I you do it your self doing because you want save money and get satisfaction by do it, otherwise pay the certify tech whom doing for a living and also he has bills to paid too.
If the scan tool has no problems then it is a matter of getting a pin schematic of the OBD2 connector and checking all of the relevant circuits.

It’s a matter of not knowing anyone who I trust to be as thorough as I in disassembly and assembly.
Obviously you’re already half pregnant, but in retrospect would you have paid to have it done professionally??
Some of the other forums say you don’t have to remove the dash to change the 97-03 F150 heater cores just pull the dash out on the passenger side without unplugging alot of electrical connectors ! There is a black protective plastic cover that I took off and found a white box atop of the floor vent blower.
Take lots of digital pics including pointing the camera at areas you can’t see directly.
This eliminates needing to drain the fuel tank (fire safety precautions apply either way!). 2 months later some moron in a hyndai(?) hits me head-on and destroys my truck.i now own a 2002 crew cab f150with 108k miles on itand the heater core is shot, whos’s the moron now???
Bottom line is that this is what was clicking and no matter where i research I can not find this part and what it is. After seeing what they have to do, I understand the reason and I am greatful the didn’t quote me the $1600 some of you reported! When this condition is encountered you generally end up at a screen that states that the module will not communicate. Chuck Cage what do you know about this and how about electrolosys destroying the aluminum cores ? Breaking a dash plastic tab isn’t a disaster, and a dab of clear RTV silicone rubber will hold loose plastic in place yet peel off for removal.
In some other forums the guys are talking about 8 core replacements and link it to electolosys and that might be why 4 hour William said to use anti static additive ! The dash air bags and wiring I can handle, but I know absolutly nothing about connecting or diconnecting AC lines any tool requirements, tips, or advice would help this Marine and maybe even my marriage. Unfortunately many times a technician is thrown off by this and starts looking for problems with the data communication lines.

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