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But when they pack your gun case inside the fuselage of that 747, you can almost bet your gun case will be at the bottom. Since we're in the business of building serious duty tool boxes for pickup through semi trucks, we decided this was not going to happen to us. For sure, you will have room for two big guns with scopes and soft cases with a couple cleaning kits and extra socks and underwear.
Fortunately we found out about this from our PH (Professional Guide) before we went on safari to Africa. We do a lot of travel so we decided to put wheels on the bottom of one end and a grab handle on the other.
These wheels are tough enough to handle the rigors of travel and are inset for further protecting and hit the ground when the case is on an incline position. As you can see, there's plenty of room left for a cleaning kit and we like to stuff extra underwear, socks, etc. Like we said above, your Highway Products - Heavy Gauge™ - gun box comes with a hasp locking system. If you have to leave your gun case somewhere, we also recommend you purchase a cable style or bicycle lock (combination style) to take with you. Another neat feature about the Highway Products - Heavy Gauge™ - gun case is, it makes a great safe while you're in a hotel or out in the bush. Our Professional Hunting Guide, Doug Carlisle, took excellent care of our valuables but even he thought it was a great idea to be able to lock things up while we were out hunting, on the trip of our lifetime. Greg Farren:January 10, 2013 at 2:23 amalot of good they would do you in a car jacking, oh excuse me while I grab a gun from outside my truck that you are carjacking!!!!

The DU-HA Humpstor is an all-in-one storage unit, tool box, and gun case that fits in the normally wasted space above the wheel well in full size pickup truck beds. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Under Seat Tool Box - Ford F-150 Supercab (Extended Cab) - 00-03 - Also fits 2004 Ford Heritage Supercab models. The airline employees are throwing luggage and other freight on the airplane because they're running a little behind schedule. This allows you to lock your gun case to a post or anything solid through one of the the carry handles. When we stopped for food or fuel we always left someone with the rig but we were still a little uneasy being out of sight of our gun box.
Nothing safe about this, expect maybe in the city where people jack their truck up 20inch and it never sees dirt or rocks, sure the pretty boys will love um, but there is no real application for your guns to be under your truck like that, plus any joe on the street with a crowbar can crack those open. It gives you extra storage in your truck bed, while leaving the valuable bed floor space readily available. We also put a one inch fold on the box and decided on a double fold on the lid to give it even more strength.
It's nice to make every square inch count when you're traveling and it adds a little more protection for your weapons. Our conclusion was pad locks are cheap and if you have a problem you can just cut it off and buy another one without damage to your gun box. You will feel a lot better knowing your guns are locked up and have a place to keep other valuables while you're on safari.

The Humpstor installs easily using included brackets that clamp to the lip of the bed rail. If they bridge your gun case over other freight or luggage, then pile more freight on top, that's where your gun case gets put to the test.
If you can' t remember the combination, you can cut if off when you get there and not destroy your gun case.
The brackets can be adjusted up or down to your height preference and to fit underneath tonneau covers and roll up covers. 12+8=20 So you could carry two big guns and depending on the sizes, you might even carry three. We use a stainless steel 12 gauge hasp in the middle and two butterfly latches on the ends.The corners are then 100% heli arc welded. It also acts as a legal gun case in most states.Recessed trays and cup holders are molded into the top of the Humpstor. Use it as a side mount tool box to help keep your tools protected from water and debris.The Humpstor can be mounted facing the outside of your truck bed or the inside of your truck bed. The choice is yours.The DU-HA Humpstor makes it convenient to store your shotguns and rifles securely in the bed of your pickup truck.

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