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Thanks killer I really like that lock box idea I think I might build some shelves on the sides too.
Celtic ya thats what I was sort of leaning towards maybe that and some shelves built inside. You may think that an SUV has its own built in storage but one of the main obstacles is keeping the rear organized or hidden when someone peaks in through the window.
Many manufacturers also make non-secure tool boxes that are better suited to organize your SUV if you are not as concerned with securing valuable items. If you have an SUV and are looking for a great way to store items, visit Longhorn Truck accessories or call us and we will be happy to provide you with the perfect storage solution. CDs, sunglasses, and other small junk can build up quickly and make a real mess in your vehicle.
The Vertically Driven Products Shelf-It Overhead Storage Shelf is custom made to your vehicle.
Well I was surprised to get my shipment so quickly and I was impressed as to how easy the product was to install and how durable it is as well.

Right now everything just sorta gets stacked (thrown) in there at the end of the day the last thing I wanna do is pack the truck, unless it was easier .
They then converted it into a trailer and towed that around so it was like having 2 trucks at the jobsite. Because SUV’s are built like a glass box it is hard to hide items without people knowing that you’re hiding items.
Like a tool box for your truck bed you can have a Aluminum, Steel, or even Plastic tool box installed in the rear of the SUV.
These are flat topped units that blend into the floor of your SUV but have a drawer type mechanism or a hinge that lifts like a trunk to give you a hidden layer of storage.
However, the visor mounts are in a slightly different position and require some extra love to make them fit right. All my small stuff like fittings, fasteners, etc are in the side boxes in plastic bins that fit the shelves. These usually contour to the make and model of your SUV so that they leave room for you to store other items that may not need to be secured.

These items are designed specifically to match your make and model and are covered to match the rear of your vehicle. Simply remove your sun visors, mount the Shelf-It to the visor holes, and attach the visors to the shelf. Only gripe: the felt is almost blown on (apply glue and then spray felt on) and felt is missing in places. I made a custom steel lockbox that goes up against the front of the bed to hold all my power tools, so that even if someone breaks into cap. Above the wheel wells on the right side I made a shelf that holds my hand tool bags, with a cutout to hold my torch tank, and the left side I mounted four inch PVC pipe for holding short lengths of copper, below that is where I keep my tristand vise and my convertible hand truck and fitting trays, as well as my shovels and closet auger. It works for me and leaves the center of the bed open for carrying fixtures when I need to.

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