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Disclaimer: Product shown in the picture above is only for representative and information purposes. Airtight Lid OdourlessMicrowave Safe (Without The Lid) Frezer Safe, Can Be Used In Refrigerator Blue Colour Lid And Ransparent Bottom. Based on the heavy reception of my post – Best Kitchen Items for Indian Cooking, I decided to speak more about my travel experiences to my readers. Be it you live in the adjacent street or thousands of miles away, like, in the America, mothers are the ones who bottle and pack a line of kitchen and food items such as masalas, powders, podis, flour, pickles, snacks, dry beans, lentils and what not for their daughters!
Last time when I was in my hometown (Madurai, India) the packaging started well before two weeks of my travel.
Not to mention, the additional podis and homemade snacks from my mother-in-law and sister-in-law . I wonder if it’s only with the husband or it’s the pattern with all the guys, they keep their face stern when the items pile up for traveling. Then on reaching the US, the husband made peace with me by buying some wonderful storage boxes for all these podis (powders and masala), maavu (flour), lentils (sometimes you can hide $s and Rs. So girls, whenever you pack for traveling abroad, if you doubt the luggage will overweigh, just do not leave the lesser priority items at home. You can also get big shelving containers if you have huge amount of grains, atta, pasta, cereals and flour to store.
Oh, and if you want simple storage boxes to store cut vegetables, fruits or leftover food in your refrigerator, these rubbermaid storage boxes are the best. And for packing lunch, for big party gathering, or for baking, you can use Pyrex glass bowls – comes in various sizes and shapes like round and oblong. But your comments can make me forget all my tiresome efforts I spend in deciding, preparing, cooking, shooting and composing a recipe post just for you! Lids for Tupperware-type plastic storage containers like the one below, disappear into the secondary abyss that is my kitchen drawer. Who would have known that two seemingly similar items would share a common trait: the ability to behave like Houdini and make an incredible escape right under my nose?
I guess I should be thankful about this situation as, with everything, things could be worse. I should also find solace in the fact that the current Tupperware-type container of choice is in fact a cheap knockoff, one of many that I have and will continue to buy at my local dollar store.

Socks – I will be actively supporting a push towards a fashion statement that embraces mismatched socks.
I'm an often frazzled, sometimes funny and always opinionated working mom of 5,000 children.
Popular Posts“Is Your Refrigerator Running?” The Lost Art of (3,435)Let Them Open Presents! The actual product delivered may be different from the creative as displayed here in the website. This time I wanted to share about what all I carried from my home to the US (during the vacations) and then how I managed to store all of those items in my kitchen.
If at all you gather all of these dabbas and bundle them into a sack, carry it on your head & shoulders and walk on the street like a porter or a vegetable vendor… people might think you are migrating out of India for good . On reaching the check-in counter, I prayed that the luggage should not overweigh (max of 15 kg allowed per person in domestic flights) . I wish I can offer you a hot cup of ginger-tea for your visit, but here you have more than that! In the early days of plastic containers, I can’t recall ever having to hunt down the two pieces of this convenient puzzle in order to store my leftovers, cereal and otherwise. For example, in addition to socks going astray, how much worse would it be if my Spanx disappeared as well?
Think of how you will be the envy of your friends and extended social groups when you whip these babies out during cocktail hour at your home.
Subscribe to my newsletter today and never miss another post about the craziness of raising kids! She was also busy drying red chilies to grind red chili powder (milahai podi), coriander for dhaniya powder (malli podi), turmeric for turmeric powder (manjal thool) and bathing turmeric powder, shiyakkai (natural hair cleansing powder… recipes soon ) and also was busy shopping some kitchen gadgets like juice strainers, paneer cloth, rice strainers , this, that… All for me .
But the husband kept on murmuring into my ears…’I don’t know, weight will be more… I won’t pay extra pennies for luggage…’ Every day, some way or other, items get added to the travel list. When we checked-in, the guy in the counter said, ‘Sir, since yours is an International itinerary, you are allowed to carry 30 kg in this domestic flight’. Scroll down and up, navigate to pages, explore and learn on the recipes: the origin of the recipe, stories about them, and remarks on them. That is, until the first time that you yourself were frantically trying to find a matching pair of these items for your child minutes before you were to transport them to school in time for the first schoolyard bell.

These days, however, it seems that there is some kind of container conspiracy at play and I’m left with a mismatched array of useless plastic. Now that I’ve learned about the various ways that we can all use these lids, I feel morally obliged to share. The buzz about your hipster status will reach far and wide and you will likely be approached by would-be hipster mavens and fashion gurus who want to emulate and copy your personal sense of style. By taking advantage of the tough and durable nature of the various plastics (see point above), you will not only be saving the environment through recycling the lids, but you will be fostering your child’s creativity as well! Every time, EVERY TIME I think of an item to carry, he’ll shrug his shoulders and murmur… ‘I don’t know, weight will be more… I won’t pay extra pennies for luggage…’ Anyways, his murmurings get in through one ear and pass out through my other ear . I now also started to store pasta, spaghetti, toffees, cookies, sugar, salt, pepper, tea powder, coffee powder etc.
If you get last minute surprises like how I got, be it an overweighed luggage or under-weighed luggage, just remove or stuff more with the help of the people who has come with you to send off.
In my case, my kids regularly end up at school with mismatched socks all to often and much to my embarrassment.
Else just accept whatever and put the blame on your husband and wait until he makes peace by getting you these gorgeous kitchen storage containers .
I can guess or figure out what might have gone wrong or if I missed out to put any essential points in my recipe post. It gives them the confidence at a young age that they will need later on (think Frosh Week). Yes – nonconformity can work, especially when the ones doing the non-conforming are too young to really object to whatever ridiculous premise (and clothing) that their parents inflict upon them.
As well, refusing to go along with the crowd is what all of us should strive to do because it shows strength of character (and in this case: strength of parent).

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