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Overview n Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) n Overview of TDG Regulations n Classification of Dangerous Goods n Safety Marks & Placards n Empty. TDG Act, 1992 n Objectives n To promote public safety during handling and transport n Different from WHMIS which focuses on employee health & safety n Prohibits anyone from transporting dangerous goods unless it is with the requirements of the Act and TDG Regulations. TDG Key Definitions Handling means loading, packing or placing, unloading, unpacking or removing, or reloading, repackaging or replacing dangerous goods in or from any container, packaging, or means of transport or at any facility for the purposes of, in the course of or following transportation and includes storing dangerous goods in the course of transportation of dangerous goods.
TDG Key Definitions Shipping Document means any document that accompanies dangerous goods being handling, offered for transport or transported and that describes or contains information relating to the goods, and in particular, but without restricting the generality of the foregoing, includes a bill of lading, cargo manifest, shipping order, way-bill, and switching order. Class 6: Poisonous (Toxic) n Poisonous or Infectious Materials n A solid or liquid that is poisonous by inhalation of vapours, by skin contact or by ingestion.
Safety Marks n Mandatory Use n Safety marks used to indicate: n Presence of dangerous goods n Type and degree of associated risk n Safety marks must be used on all containers, packages, tanks, cylinders and transport units used for transporting dangerous goods.
Safety Marks n Special Placards n If the quantities of individual classes do not exceed the small quantity limit, but the total quantity of dangerous goods exceeds 454 kg, the a danger placard must be displayed on the vehicle.

Compatibility n Segregation of Incompatible Materials n TDGR have requirements and prohibitions for transporting incompatible materials (see Compatibility Chart) on the same vehicle. Case Study n Situation Analysis n Transporting the following materials using a pick-up truck from supplier to bush camp.
Case Study n Required TDG Measures n Individually, quantities of gasoline, diesel & propane are exempt under s2.31from having to carry TDG shipping document and use of placard. Office of Risk Management November 2010 TRANSPORTATION OF DANGEROUS GOODS GENERAL AWARENESS. Department of Transportation Training Instructors: Steve Katnik, Skip Ricarte, and Gary Duran. Welcome to the Indiana State Fire Marshals Office HAZARDOUS MATERIALS FIRST RESPONDER AWARENESS LEVEL PROGRAM HAZARDOUS MATERIALS.
Hazardous Materials & Hazardous Waste Training September 10, 2008 Drug & Laboratory Disposal, Inc.

1 Overview of the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) Catherine Drum, BASc (OHS), CRSP Environmental Health & Safety Officer Ryerson. Safety Mark includes any design, symbol, device, sign, label, placard, letter, word, number, abbreviation or any combination thereof that is to be displayed on dangerous goods or containers, packaging, means of transport or facilities used in the handling, offering for transport or transporting of dangerous goods. Packing Group indicates the degree of danger within a given classification of dangerous goods. Department of Transportation (DOT) requirement Familiarity with general regulations Recognize and identify hazardous.

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