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Then there is Victor Rjesnjansky, who made the big move to Texas from Long Island, New York. Morris “Moe” Prigoff operates an antique store, the “River Regency Modern” which is full of classic antiques and art.
If these characters are as interesting as the characters (Brandi Passante, Jarrod Schulz, Darrell Sheets, Barry Weiss, Dave Hester) on the original Storage Wars series, this may turn out to be a big hit as well. Comments Off on Storage Wars Texas Tags: Bubba Smith, lesa lewis, Moe Prigoff, Ricky Smith, storage wars texas, Victor Rjesnjansky, Victor Storage Wars, walt cade storage wars. Storage Wars is a reality television series that premiered on A&E Network late in 2010.
Storage unit auctions take place when the owner of the storage unit facility puts the contents of any unit up for sale as a result of the tenant who owns such content’s inability to meet with payment obligations after a set period of time.
After you have located the storage auctions that you want to participate in, then you need to prepare for the auction itself.
Did you ever hear of making money from storage unit auctions before A&E television’s popular new series Storage Wars hit the airwaves? Almost each and every city in the USA has one, or more self storage units where the people of the community have the ability to store their extra belongings if they do not have room at their home, or if they happen to be moving. Sometimes you just don’t know someone until you get a look inside their storage unit.
According to ABC News, a San Jose man found a gold (and silver) mine after bidding in an auction for an abandoned storage unit. Stolen artwork, jewelry, guns, comic books, vintage violins and baseball cards have all been found a time or two in unsuspecting storage units. The LAPD reported that $13 million worth of original oil paintings by Picasso and Monet were found in a Cleveland, Ohio storage unit five years after being reported stolen from a Los Angeles home.
Gowns, dresses, handbags, hats and shoes worn by the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin were found in an abandoned storage unit in Michigan.
Over 250 original songs by the King of Pop Michael Jackson were found in a storage unit belonging to his father, Joe Jackson.
I arrived there early in anticipation of large crowds of newbies, thanks to the popularity of Storage Wars and Auction Hunters. It’s Spike TV’s version of the popular storage auction show format that competes with A&E’s successful Storage Wars series, which premiered in December of 2010.

As more and more people are losing their homes, they need a place to store their possessions.
Many storage unit facilities cancel their auctions on the very same day when the auction is scheduled to take place. A friend of mine told me that his brother had gone to a storage auction and had scored some really good things such as a diamond ring worth over $5000. In most instances, people rent them to store extra furniture for an impending move or as a way to declutter their home. The man apparently spent $1,100 on the unit and found a number of rare coins and a few bars of gold and silver inside a Rubbermaid container. According to KATU in Portland, Oregon, police found four storage units in eastern Multnomah County full of stolen items.
A family in Florida apparently held their grandmother’s corpse in a rented storage unit for approximately 17 years, according to Tampa Bay Online. He draws on his personal experience as a mini storage property manager to answer questions pertaining to storage auctions and to provide insights into this complex industry. When Moe is not attending storage auctions, he has a private practice where he performs podiatric surgery. He prides himself on the amount of people who attend his auctions, sometimes as many as 300 people. It has attacted many viewers and has introduced the world of storage unit auctions to millions of people. When rent payment go unpaid for a storage locker in 3 months in the state of California, its contents are put up for sale by an agent.
Many people are being forced to downsize, or to live in small apartments without any garages or storage space. The Mount Hood area is great for snow skiing, and in downtown Portland, you can find many fantastic restaurants that offer a variety of different foods. Thankfully, authorities were able to track some of the people down who owned the items, which were rightfully returned.
The Muskegon Chronicle reported that the man found the grenade inside a handgun case and immediately took it to the local fire department. The woman’s body had been stored since 1995 and was resting in a blue casket, which was prepared for burial all those years ago.

Hoskins fell behind in his storage unit rent and his possessions were available for all to see. He also has lots of items at home such as motorcycles, golf carts, and boats purchased at storage auctions.
Included in his storage unit was an assortment of knives, a photo of himself shirtless displaying his Madonna tattoo on his stomach, a headless doll and handwritten rantings, according to CBS Los Angeles.
He has built his reputation and loyalty among people by travelling all over the state of Texas.
When there used to be only 5-10 people at an auction, some auctions have had a hundred or more people attend in a single day.
The first storage unit door was opened and it revealed lots of furniture and household goods.
One storage unit facility in New York had a record 450+ people attend an auction immediate after the debut of Storage Wars. You can certainly make big bucks, just like Barry Weiss and Brandi Passante from Storage Wars.
Now those same units go for hundreds of dollars because the newbies drive up the prices with their inexperience.
Ricky and Bubba operate a successful warehouse where they sell the items that they win at storage auctions. Bubba is quite familiar with computers and electronics, and he helps Ricky with his high tech knowledge. Many of them cannot wait until the Storage Wars franchise rides off into the sunset, and for the popularity of storage auctions to eventually reside. He regularly visits museums and art galleries and hopes to have a nice collection of his own someday.

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