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You just can’t throw a stone in blog-land without hitting a mason jar post these days.
Realizing that it would be crazy helpful to add a shelf it seemed silly to waste all of the potential space underneath the shelf.
Place your jars lid side down and determine where they need to be placed to look good and fit properly.
Fill your jars with the good stuff you need to keep handy and smack that sucker up against the magnet. But inside I have immediate access to my dental floss, makeup removers, hair clips and cotton swabs. A crafter since her earliest years, Allison spends a little time every day making something. Thanks for Visiting!Amy Bellgardt is a wife, mom, lifestyle & travel blogger, foodie, social media strategist, nerd, coffee drinker and founder of Mom Spark.

It’s about 24 inches wide (on the top side) and was purchased for $6 at  Hobby Lobby. I busted out my gloves and stained this puppy with Minwax gunstock knowing good and well that it would turn kind of red on pine rather than oak.
The seal is the metal part that will say Ball Mason on it or whatever and have an orange-y side.
She crafts, sews, paints, glues things onto other things, and is a firm believer that a life spent creating is a life worth living. Here at Mom Spark alone I’ve done several mason jar crafts including dyeing them with Mod Podge and food coloring and making them into solar yard luminaries. I have a normal sized vanity for a home my size but it’s still lacks a bit of counter-space, what with that pesky sink in there and all. This little bitty magnet is crazy strong and it’s going to keep our jars up in place!

That orange side is actually wax and when used when heated in canning seals the jar so the food inside is preserved for a long time.
Anything I can put inside of the vanity I do but there are somethings I use so often that I get super irritated when I have to dig them out of the hot mess that space always turns into day after day. And since no amount of staining was going to fix this problem, I decided to just paint the sucker white.

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