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Greg Farren:January 10, 2013 at 2:23 amalot of good they would do you in a car jacking, oh excuse me while I grab a gun from outside my truck that you are carjacking!!!!
If your trailer is full and you still have more to carry, try a roof cargo bag, cargo box, or cargo basket. If your student is taking along unwieldy cargo like skis, a snowboard, or a surfboard, a roof rack is the perfect option for transporting gear. Once you have everything loaded, you don't want to lose that mattress on the side of the road. Renting moving equipment for all 4 years of college is expensive and leaves you with nothing to show for it.
A heavy-duty aluminum mounting bracket is also available if you want to attach your Du-Ha Tote to your truck bed or to the rear floor of your SUV. Mac’s superior quality VersaTie Tracks allow for complete customization of your tie-down systems. The gearsafe is a steel, lockable storage container that quickly and simply mounts on the tailgate of any Jeep Wrangler JK. Bestop’s new locking under-seat storage box for Wrangler JKs mounts conveniently out-of-sight beneath the driver-seat and secures valuables in a theft-proof enclosure. Swag Off Road’s Baja Bins are designed to fit the 8- or 24-gallon Rubbermaid ActionPackers like a glove. The Warrior Products Lockable Storage Trunk replaces the factory storage compartment in the rear tub of the Wrangler JK with a larger, stronger, and more secure trunk.
Each So-Cal Teardrops’ drawer system is custom-built to fit your vehicle and make use of the maximum amount of space available.
The XD Utility Rack Attachment is great for pickups, SUVs, and ATVs equipped with an Inventive Products XD hitch. TitanStraps are equally adept at securing loads in Arizona’s blistering summer heat or the typical sub-zero temperatures found in the far reaches of Alaska in January. If you need more space for your gear, check out Synergy Suspension’s universal Baja Baskets. The Vector Off Road GGR Cargo Platform nearly doubles the organized storage space in the rear of Wrangler JK four-doors.
Lockstraps Incorporated has announced the third generation version of its product, the Lockstraps G3.
ARB has launched its Outback Solutions Modular Roller Drawer Systems range, providing four-wheelers with an extremely versatile selection of products to suit a wide variety of uses and vehicles. What could be the most convenient tool chest ever, the Tinman Tailgate Toolchest mounts to the inside of your pickup tailgate. MasterCraft Safety’s two-inch-wide tie-down straps can be used for everything from securing your spare tire to firmly holding your vehicle in place on a trailer. Bundu Boxes, modeled on the sturdy ammunition boxes used by the South African Defense Force, have been used for many years by outdoorsmen in Southern Africa. Active lifestyles can be messy, and that mess usually caries into the cargo area of your vehicle. Nothing safe about this, expect maybe in the city where people jack their truck up 20inch and it never sees dirt or rocks, sure the pretty boys will love um, but there is no real application for your guns to be under your truck like that, plus any joe on the street with a crowbar can crack those open. Having the right equipment makes it easier to get your bird out of the nest with everything they need for a successful school year. Purchase your own moving blankets and dollies, and you'll be ready for moves throughout the college years - and when your graduate moves to that first apartment.
A tough, lightweight Thule backpack will transport heavy school books and delicate electronics year after year. The lockable, heavy-duty plastic box sits in your pickup truck bed or in the cargo area of your SUV. The bracket keeps the box from moving as you travel and lets you slide the tote out to access cargo. Swagman Jackknife 2-bike and 4-bike carriers hold your bikes vertically by the wheels, so the rack doesn't touch the bike frames. They usually have squared-off profiles or dedicated cargo space that lend them well to hauling all of our stuff. It features a full walk-in door option that eliminates the truck’s tailgate, adding functionality and convenience for today’s truck owners.
The clean, high-strength tracks allow flexibility of installation with adjustable tie-down positions in one-inch increments.
BajaRack provides a sturdy solution when you need some place to stow your gear on your next road trip. These nets can be used in vehicles ranging from ATVs to Jeeps and from trucks to trailers and are made with heavyweight polypropylene webbing, which is UV and mildew resistant. By replacing the factory spare tire bracket, The gearsafe not only secretly and securely stores your gear and valuables, but it also holds your spare tire. Manufactured with heavy-duty 16-gauge carbon steel and welded construction, Bestop’s box deters would-be thieves, and offers up to 205 cubic inches of storage space in a sliding drawer, secured with a pick-resistant lock. This unique cover is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum slats, which are connected by flexible hinges to create a robust and weather-tight seal. Constructed out of 1?8-inch-thick aluminum, and engineered to withstand the abuse of off-road racing, Baja Bins weigh in at only six pounds each.

Constructed of 16-guage HRPO steel and powdercoated for durability, the trunk comes in a textured finish.
A combination of 0.090-inch 5052 aluminum and ?-inch Fiberthane coated in Line-X creates an extremely durable and robust, yet lightweight, drawer system.
Remaining supple in extreme temperatures and climates, TitanStraps are made from a stretchy, high-performance polymer that’s been injected with a 10-year UV additive for extra longevity. If so, Tuffy has the answer in a high-security 16-gauge steel security lockbox that mounts under the rear seat in any late-model Ford F-150 or Raptor, with or without the subwoofer.
Baja Baskets have been designed to create more space, while holding your gear, coolers, spare parts, and luggage. The GGR platform can be fitted with an optional cargo divider hoop kit, where a 48-inch off-road jack or aluminum divider panel can be mounted. The G3 uses tougher locking carabiners, a stronger sliding clasp, and comes in a sealed clamshell package that can be set on a shelf or hung from a wall hook. The range consists of eleven modules across three styles (Drawer, Drawer with Roller Floor, and Roller Floor) in five available lengths.
The Crewbed folds behind the back seat when not in use, but when the need arrives, it can be fully deployed in less than two minutes.
The tool chest includes an approximately 200-piece Crescent toolset in the most accessible place on you vehicle and leaves your bed free for cargo.
These heavy-duty straps feature five rows of stitching and are rated at a whopping 10,000-pounds each.
These boxes are light, strong, and stackable and can be secured via a ratchet strap without buckling or bending. The device affixes to any track or rail system for pickup trucks including those from Ford, GM, Ram (Dodge), Toyota, TracRac, or E-Track.
These backpacks have a built-in laptop pocket so your student can safely store a tablet or notebook computer.
There are numerous storage pockets, a spot for my 17" laptop computer, and best of all is the crush proof area on top for my sunglasses and ipod. We installed DeeZee Running boards on this 2012 Toyota 4Runner and turned tears into smiles. Pack large tools and equipment in the roomy lower storage compartment and then organize smaller items in the 2 removable trays that sit just inside the top of the container. Stuff is something most wheelers have a lot of, especially when the family is in tow or we are headed out on an extended outing. Whether it is one of the universal racks that installs on almost any roof crossbar system, or one of its vehicle-specific roof racks that mount directly to factory roof mounting points, BajaRack has a rack for you. Different sizes, with one- or two-inch webbing and black or zinc-plated rings and cam buckles, are available so you are sure to find one that works for your specific application. Available in two different lockable configurations, the Baja Bin will keep your tools safe and secure. Installation of the kit requires an exhaust relocation kit to provide ample clearance of the trunk to the vehicle’s exhaust system. The rack easily folds parallel to the tailgate for storage, can be moved up and down on the XD Hitch for height adjustment, and has a large 40-inch x 20.5-inch aluminum tray with a 500-pound load capacity. A polished, heat-treated aircraft aluminum buckle is over-molded in the manufacturing process for bombproof strength and the high-visibility strap doesn’t use hooks, making them safer than typical bungee cords.
The form-fitting design of the Tuffy lockbox has over 4000 cubic inches of lockable storage and secured contents can be easily accessed by flipping the rear seats up and opening the corresponding lid.
Available in three sizes, each Baja Basket is manufactured from high-strength, 16-gauge material with the latest in CNC punch press equipment. Constructed of alloy steel, and mounted with billet roll cage brackets, the GGR is one stout piece of equipment. These cans were designed to fit Jeep and Toyota spare tires, as well as universal applications.
Lockstraps G3s are built with a braided stainless steel cable embedded between double nylon straps.
Roller Drawers are rated to carry 220 pounds spread evenly throughout the drawer and Roller Floors are rated to carry 165 pounds spread evenly over the top. Rated at 400 pounds of capacity, it can hold most furniture, mountain bikes, and even fullsized dirt bikes. Designed by a cabinetmaker and seasoned expedition leader, this system holds up to the strains of extended back roads travel with the feel of a well-made cabinet. Load it down with your food and sodas on a road trip and then carry it over to the campsite from the car.
Snap hooks at each end provide positive attachment while a wide ratcheting handle allows for easy operation. Bundu Boxes can accommodate a wide range of items from camping gear, fishing and hunting supplies, recovery equipment, and even clothes or dry goods.
The TrackLock is a semi-permanent and easily installed device that attaches to the track or rail system without any drilling. Once your scholar has acquired an apartment's worth of stuff, you can easily switch to pulling a trailer that can hold even more. Choose from hitch-mounted racks, roof bike racks, spare tire bike racks, truck bed bike racks, or trunk-mounted bike racks.

Here is a guide of products that will make your rig more versatile when you need to pack it up for some time away from the ranch.
The track can be flush or surface-mounted on interior or exterior surfaces by riveting, bolting, screwing, gluing, or welding. All BajaRack roof racks are made from steel tubing that is zinc and powdercoated for rust protection. The storage box is finished in textured black powder coat and has enough room to fit popular .45 caliber handguns. The RetraxPRO bed cover utilizes a unique, patented design, which allows it to retract on sealed ball bearing rollers into a compact spiral canister located at the front of the pickup bed. Six-inch on-center spacing of all fasteners allows for easy attachment of tie-down tracks on the top of the drawer case or on the inside of the drawer bottom. TitanStraps offer excellent adjustability and can be daisy-chained together for extra length. Three different part numbers are designed to work with your SuperCab or SuperCrew and the unique design allows the full width to be used to stow firearms or other long items. The Baja Basket boasts a 300-pound carrying capacity and each Baja Basket is available in raw unfinished metal and can be easily installed with basic fabrication know-how on to your off-road vehicle, truck, or to your Jeep Wrangler JK using an available install kit. This platform comes standard with a black wrinkle powdercoat finish and all the necessary mounting hardware. Tough galvanized steel rivets keep dual combination carabiner locks in place at both ends of the Lockstraps.
Modules can be mounted in various combinations, including individually, side-by-side, and vertically. No more bulky roof racks that are hard to load, no more racing home to pick up a trailer, and no more calling a friend with a truck to come help you.
The drawer systems are designed and constructed for strength and light weight from ?-inch composite material of polyfoam and fiberglass that has been coated with a durable Line-X finish or from economical Baltic Birch and ready for a final finish by the DIY builder. Polished diamond plate aluminum, all-aluminum framework, and stainless steel rivets ensure that the Tinman Tailgate Toolchest never rusts and stays a beautiful and functional accessory to any truck. Strap it down on your passenger seat and have quick and easy access to maps, radios, and whatever else you may need at a moment’s notice.
They are constructed from 600 denier textured polyester fabric with a PVC waterproof backing. Valuable cargo and tools can then be secured in the bed of the truck using cables, straps or chains. All racks come with aluminum wind deflectors, stainless hardware, and everything you need for an easy installation. This low-profile design incorporates a front cover that is flush with the rolling cover, which streamlines the overall appearance and provides a firm, dependable seal to help keep the pickup bed dry. This system also provides the flexibility to change, rearrange, or add modules and accessories over time. The Crewbed provides you with all the enjoyment and open-air fun of a Jeep with all the utility of a pickup.
Three models are available: the original basket-style, the rooftop tent-ready EXPedition style, and the ultra-low, all-flat UTility style. The cover is key-lockable in any position along the rail, and features a dual latch locking system underneath the rolling cover.
So-Cal Teardrops has also developed a clever way to mount the drawers to your vehicle, using a channel with sliding nuts. Users can change the combination of the locks with each use and can set their own personal combinations on either carabiner. Outback Solutions modules can also be fitted to non-traditional applications such as flat beds and trailers. Canvasback liners contour to the cargo area and up the back of your seats allowing for full-coverage when all seats are laying flat. Kits include track, VT-1000 rings, stainless ?-inch x 1? -inch fasteners, and attachment holes. These racks can handle more load than the roof specs will allow and BajaRack offers a complete range of accessories to help make your trip even more convenient such as fuel can holders, lights and light cable harnesses, ladders, Hi-Lift jack mounts, as well as axe and shovel mounts, awning mounts, and more. The RetraxPRO is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, and can be installed easily and without drilling in about an hour.
The drawers can then be precisely leveled and securely mounted without the need to stack washers or use weak and easily stripped jack nuts. Velcro tabs sewn under the liners adhere to the carpeting in the vehicle keeping the liner in place. This fully configurable system for the JK has optional compatible accessories such as a combination fridge and stove slide out, internal water tank, water heater, 12-volt auxiliary system, and cargo restraints. Whether you have muddy dogs, messy kids, or dirty camping gear, Canvasback liners shed water and dirt like a duck’s back!

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