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Winner of the "Best Kids Gift Idea" in Santa Choice Awards and The Toy Man "Award of Excellence", who voted the BOX4BLOX, "The ultimate Lego storage idea that turns your every day Lego mess into organizational magic". This simple Lego storage product effectively eliminates all your Lego storage and organizational problems, making it not only the perfect Holiday gift idea for the kids, or grandkids, this Christmas, but a "must-have" Lego storage accessory for every Lego fan, young or old.
The BOX4BLOX Lego storage organizer works by using the same simple sorting action of a coin sorter, sorting the Legos through a series of trays with different sized grids.

Just stack the trays with the small, medium and large grids on the base tray and load handfuls of Lego bricks into the top tray, gently shaking the box as you go, and all the Lego blocks are automatically sorted into a tray with similar sized Lego pieces. For further info regarding the BOX4BLOX Lego sorter and storage box, please read the customer questions and product reviews below, or search "BOX4BLOX video" online to see it in action.
Manufactured with high quality ABS plastic (the same plastic LEGO uses), when assembled with the 4 trays and lid the BOX4BLOX forms a colorful 10A? inch cube that holds over 1600 Lego bricks.

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