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Simply Storage Rooms offer a range of Quick Build Portable Storage Unit for sale in Vancouver. With Quick Build portable storage units it is possible carry the unit’s individual components to the location you wish to set up the unit and then assemble them. With Portable storage units for sale in Vancouver and the across the Lower Mainland you now have the benefit of an efficient storage solution for numerous commercial and household uses. Simply Storage Rooms offer a range of Quick Build Portable Storage Containers of different sizes for many different uses.
Quick Build Portable Storage Containers provide a ­versatile and flexible solution to your storage needs. The storage rooms provide a clean dry and secure solution and have a multitude of applications.

Our Portable Storage Rooms can be used across a range of industries and throughout the ­domestic market.
This allows our portable storage units to be erected in places that traditional portable storage units cannot be used. Our shipping container units come new & used in many sizes from 8' to 53' and will allow you to add space for increased efficiency. This includes different configurations with door locations, as well as a number of accessories for specific uses. Coming in a range of sizes, Quick Build Storage Containers come flat packed and take minutes to construct with no tools. Whether you require a temporary or ­permanent storage solution, Quick Build Storage Containers provide a quick, easy and long lasting answer.

These temporary or permanent storage solutions can reduce your fixed costs a€“ they are less expensive than building or paying warehousing prices and they provide durable, clean secure storage access right outside your own door. Our inventory is brought in from around the world to offer you competitive pricing and a variety of shipping storage containers.

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