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For the known client, EUROmodul readjust standard shipping containers with custom made metal cassettes facade and thermal isolation.
The construction of marine container is sandblasted, corrosion protected and painted with special RAL white.Secondary roof and facades are transported separately and can install or uninstall every time while container needs to be transported on other location.
The Edge Car Top Carrier is the weatherproof workhorse of roof top carriers, constructed from durable nylon re-enforced pvc with welded seams. The Edge Car Top Carrier is a weatherproof roof cargo carrier designed for SUVs, crossovers, and minivans. The Edge Car Top Carrier has a large size 15 cu ft capacity with plenty of room for your extra gear. Campervans are great for the wide-open road, but what happens when you reach your destination and want to travel in something a bit less clunky?
This design challenge was tackled by Christian Susana with great attention to detail, from how each portable portion (car and camper form) looks separately to how they appear as whole when plugged back together. The tiny two-seat car part is definitely built for short trips, looking like a cross between a golf cart and a Mini Cooper.The larger back-end trailer takes its cues from classic VW-type campers, maximizing space with a lofted sleeping area, flip-down table-and-chairs set as well as compact storage solutions set into any remaining available areas. Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes!
Buy universal mobile storage containers, roll off trailers, portable morgue units and removeable wheels direct from the manufacturer and save big! Our storage container designs have evolved over the years as new products became available. Our products have undergone years of extensive testing from real life uses all over North America. They can be delivered with roll off trucks, tilt n load trailers for containers, or specialized delivery systems. Our specialty containers and trailers include a car platform, decontamination unit and a portable morgue trailer.
Mobile Container Sales (MCS) can ship 10 our our largest 20 ft storage containers or 15 of the large 16 ft.
Shop our selection of organically grown heirloom seedlings, cedar garden beds, potted plants, and more at the Atherton Mill and Market. We are active on Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr with gardening tips, news, and updates. If you want to hire us for your project, need a quote, or if you have a few questions,fill out the following and click submit. AloeToday, aloe might be your answer to scorched shoulders after a day at the beach, but once upon a time, aloe was prescribed for hemorrhoids, ulcers, and even hair loss. Angelica(Wild Celery) Life in the middle ages was hard enough for a stay at home mom, and the last thing you needed was rumors about witchcraft flying around town. Comfrey It took a few swings with your iron spiked mace, but you finally brought down that enormous Saxon with the flashy new suit of armor. FennelThere are plenty of products in the toiletries aisle to help you smell good, but how many can also treat colds and aid digestion? OreganoIn the middle ages, oregano stayed busy treating coughs, colds, arthritis, and chest congestion, yet  it still made time to liven up the occasional pepperoni and mushroom pizza. PennyroyalFor the young medieval miss seeking the attention of a brave knight, having fleas might as well be a nasty case of leprosy.
RosemaryEveryone knows rosemary brings magic to the kitchen, but the cure for the common comb over? At first glance Erica Hanks’s southeast Charlotte home seems as quiet as a Chic-Fil-A on Sunday morning. As a mother and professional wardrobe stylist with celebrity clients peppered across the country, a typical day might include preparing pancakes with Greek yogurt and fresh fruit for the kids while packing for a mid morning flight to a photo shoot in New York. With a schedule this hectic, most people would send a well-heeled personal assistant out for groceries, or get really cozy with local restaurants. This soilless grow medium maintains the perfect balance of drainage and aeration, allowing plant roots to thrive and absorb water and nutrients more efficiently.
With a quick dip in flour, breadcrumbs, and seasoning, an ordinary chicken breast becomes a mouth watering morsel that critics fawn over and diners wait in line for.

Like a comic book superhero given one special gift, legume crops possess the unique ability to capture nitrogen from the atmosphere and store it in root nodules. Yet despite your modest sized sliver of the American Dream, you still found a sunny corner where a cucumber vine rambles out of a Kitchen Garden along the fence.
Or maybe your neighborhood HOA ranks compost bins just above rusty RV’s on cinderblocks, or you live on the 37th floor and your backyard has a metal railing and concrete floor.
With an intriguing shape like a provocative sculpture, the delightfully colorful reishi mushroom has been a revered health tonic in Asia since the days when Samurai roamed the countryside.
Cheaper than a facelift and with none of the polished corporate marketing of Botox, the reishi mushroom is still the go-to youth tonic in Asian countries. Often taken as a daily tonic, reishi tea has been used to treat anxiety, high blood pressure, hepatitis, bronchitis, insomnia, and asthma. Ready to watch those crows feet slip away like a geisha in the night, or  live long enough to see daily shuttles to  Mars? It’s native to southern climates and grows especially well outdoors in the Southern US. Use the roof top carrier on your next family vacation, backwoods expedition, shopping spree or move. This variant concept RV comes with a detachable car to let you cruise city streets once you exit the high-speed freeway. Curved lines also recall traditional Airstream trailers, which make maximum use of sleek streamlined exterior forms and more spacious-seeming inside spaces.Expansive side windows depart from the classic privacy-oriented caravan style, abstractly referencing tourers in their openness to the outside world.
Our containers have undergone years of extensive testing from real life uses all over North America.
Many years of engineering, research and testing are incorporated into this new portable storage container design. Standardizing our manufacturing process to incorporate time tested products helped create the most durable, longest lasting mobile storage containers available. Our tilt n load roll off trailer is great for containers, cars, lumber or any other heavy duty load.
This self contained unit has a powerful generator, back up rechargeable batteries, shore line power connector and tilt down racks for up to 20 bodies. They were powerful medicines that could stave off an embarrassing burst of flatulence, heal broken bones, or even save mom  from burning at the stake.
But before he fell, he managed to deliver a hard blow to your shield arm, and now your ulna and radius are all mixed up. And once you finally did land a chaperoned walk through the countryside with a cute milk maid, the last thing you needed was an untimely bout of intestinal gas to scuttle the budding romance. According to Hildegard of Bingen, Fennel was like Old Spice, Nyquil, and Pepto Bismol all rolled into one versatile, easy to grow herb.
Medieval peasants still had no problem with it, though, and continued to use garlic as a preventative and cure-all remedy for a variety of ailments. Legend has it that rosemary soaked wine cured Queen Elizabeth of Hungary of paralysis in 1235. John’s WortIn the middle ages, evil sprits always seem to show up at the worst times. Luckily they had vervain - an herb prescribed for many ailments from acne to toothaches and fever. Our organic nutrient blend of blood meal, bone meal, kelp meal, rock phosphate, and dolomite lime provides plants the ideal range of slow, medium and fast release sources of macro and micronutrients to deliver harvests that wow. A quick dip in legume inoculant won’t deliver such instant, finger licking gratification, but it can deliver legendary bean harvests and soil fertility that are just as magical. There, the nitrogen is transferred to the surrounding soil, in a useable form where it can benefit plants grown in the following season. Every week, they’ll pick up your kitchen scraps and other compostable material and take it to a certified compost facility.
If only Ponce De Leon had known about it, he could have avoided all those hungry alligators and hostile natives, and just brewed some reishi tea.
Reishi mushrooms are grown primarily for medicinal use, and are easily dried for use in teas and tinctures.

Like shiitake and oyster mushrooms, reishi can be easily cultivated outdoors on hardwood logs, or indoors using sterilized sawdust substrate. Depending on light, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels during fruiting reishi will take one of two forms -  a seashell like shape that forms when light levels, airflow and humidity are high, or a branched shape that resembles a set of antlers that forms in lower levels of light and airflow. Connect the included straps to a roof rack, run them through the vehicle, or add the Rightline Gear Car Clips (sold separately) to attach the carrier to the vehicle’s door frame. Standardizing our manufacturing process to incorporate time tested products helped create the most durable, longest lasting mobile storage containers available. Making a mistake in purchasing substandard storage containers can be very costly and even devastating to any company.
Versatile enough to be delivered with any type of delivery system and withstand any climate. You will then go over the instructions via phone or in person with a MCS member who actually put many of these containers together. That’s serious, and according to Hildegard of Bingen, one should make haste in reaching for the cinnamon. Back then, dill was the go-to herb to soothe indigestion and was even reported to cure hiccups. Chicken stewed with hyssop and wine was the medieval answer to the blues, and hyssop was also used in teas to treat respiratory ailments.
Savvy gals in the dark ages rubbed Pennyroyal rubbed on their skin to repel fleas, and it was also mixed with honey and taken to help clear up lung congestion. The Microfarm Kitchen Garden design is made with locally milled red cedar, and filled with a blend of pine fines, mushroom compost, and Stalite PermaTill.
The process of concentrating nitrogen in the legume root nodules is performed by naturally occurring bacteria called rhizobacteria. Some growers even use milk and molasses as a wetting agent which also provides food for the rhizobacteria while helping the powder stick to the seeds.
The neighbors on either side can hold polite conversation across your patio, and the fire department mandated that the maximum number of occupants at your annual 4th of July bash is 7.
You can feel good about keeping organic material out of the landfill, and even better about the awesome organic compost you’ll have for your organic garden. Cinnamon sticks and ginger are sometimes brewed along with the tea to help soften the bitter flavor.
Take charge of your next road trip with a smart cargo carrier; the Edge Car Top Carrier by Rightline Gear. Buy containers that last and save yourself from the costly expenses associated with repairs. If you have additional questions while assembling containers, you may call a MCS member 7 days a week for immediate answers. Today, herbs might seem like a luxurious enhancement to a life already filled with modern accoutrements. There was plenty to be anxious about in medieval times, and not a single bottle of valium to be found in all the land. John’s Wort drive away those pesky ghosts, but it also ensured successful crop harvests.
For unloading, we recommend using a forklift, but also can be unloaded with a boom crane equipped with slings.
Instead, frazzled nerves were soothed with lemon balm and bee balm in the form of Eau de Melisse.
They can be delivered with roll off trucks, tilt-n-load trailers or specialized delivery systems. New plantings of legume seeds should always be treated with rhizobacteria inoculants, especially because other naturally occurring bacteria compete for space on legume roots.

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