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Buy universal mobile storage containers, roll off trailers, portable morgue units and removeable wheels direct from the manufacturer and save big!
Our storage container designs have evolved over the years as new products became available. Our products have undergone years of extensive testing from real life uses all over North America. They can be delivered with roll off trucks, tilt n load trailers for containers, or specialized delivery systems. Our specialty containers and trailers include a car platform, decontamination unit and a portable morgue trailer.
Mobile Container Sales (MCS) can ship 10 our our largest 20 ft storage containers or 15 of the large 16 ft. Mijn naam is Ivar Visser en ik heb kort geleden mijn diploma Mediatechnologie aan het Grafisch Lyceum in utrecht behaald.
Als webdeveloper houd ik me voornamelijk bezig met het ontwikkelen van een website, het design van een website hoort hier eigelijk niet bij. Purchase a security lock to ensure that the valuable items in your storage container, shipping container, or storage trailer are safe and secure. Our wind and watertight shipping containers are strong enough to keep their contents safe from all types of weather.
The Great Lakes Kwik Adjustable Door Lock provides a “tight fit” on almost all storage containers or storage trailers; offering maximum security from physical attack.
Every storage container or storage trailer comes standard with locking cargo doors, dual locking rods, and a four handle latch system.
Our containers have undergone years of extensive testing from real life uses all over North America. Many years of engineering, research and testing are incorporated into this new portable storage container design. Standardizing our manufacturing process to incorporate time tested products helped create the most durable, longest lasting mobile storage containers available. Our tilt n load roll off trailer is great for containers, cars, lumber or any other heavy duty load.

This self contained unit has a powerful generator, back up rechargeable batteries, shore line power connector and tilt down racks for up to 20 bodies. Hierbij moet je denken aan alle functionaliteiten op de website, de vindbaarheid van de website in bijv.
Actual floor plans and specifications for individual units may vary, and are subject to change without notice. Standardizing our manufacturing process to incorporate time tested products helped create the most durable, longest lasting mobile storage containers available. Making a mistake in purchasing substandard storage containers can be very costly and even devastating to any company. Versatile enough to be delivered with any type of delivery system and withstand any climate. You will then go over the instructions via phone or in person with a MCS member who actually put many of these containers together. The door lock adjusts in ? -inch increments to fit perfectly around your storage container or storage trailers locking rods. Buy containers that last and save yourself from the costly expenses associated with repairs. If you have additional questions while assembling containers, you may call a MCS member 7 days a week for immediate answers. Als systeembeheerder heb je te maken met veel verschillende problemen, dit kan varieren tot het oplossen van een klein mail probleem tot het repareren van een RAID 10 left-hand storage server. For unloading, we recommend using a forklift, but also can be unloaded with a boom crane equipped with slings.
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