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Sale > Antiques > YELLOW 3 Tier NYONYA FOOD CONTAINER Wedding Ware Tray Box Old Chinese Kitchen AT 0401 An old (WWII period) 3 tier Nyonya food container with four rows all round typical phoenix and peonies motif. Our collections mainly from South East Asia that consists of Bali, Komodo, Flores, Sumba, Alor, Timor, Lombok, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Papua, Irian, Sumatera and Borneo.
An old (WWII period) 3 tier Nyonya food container with four rows all round typical phoenix and peonies motif.Baba Nyonya wedding collection from West Malaysia.
For the Chinese these are auspicious symbols of prosperity and good fortune.Such wares were popular in Asean country mainly in the Straight.
Combine shipping discount of 30% discount will be given on shipping of the next item only for combine shipment. For a classic, cultivated look on your homea€™s exterior walls, choose BEHR MARQUEE Flat Exterior Paint.
My home is vinyl sided on the peaks and has cedar shake shingles on the bottom .The metal strip is between the vinyl siding and the shakes. For smooth, subtle elegance on your home's interior walls and trim, choose BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Interior Eggshell Enamel. Years ago, I tried to use another brand of paint and it literally wiped off the walls and wouldn't seal.

I wanted to cover a light green color with a very pale taupe and decided I didn't want to prime and then paint or to spend hours using multiple coats to ensure complete coverage so I decided to give PREMIUM PLUS ULTRAA® Interior Eggshell Enamel a try and I must say I am very happy I did. After applying the first coat I performed a very close inspection for any areas that were not covered and to my amazement there were none, it truly covered the old color in one coat.
As for this do-it-yourselfer Behr's PREMIUM PLUS ULTRAA® is the go to paint for all my needs.
Featuring the most advanced dirt and fade technology available from BEHR that keeps your home looking freshly painted longer.
This soft sheen creates a velvety appearance that's easy to clean and stands up to scrubbing. The Home Depot salesperson had stated that of the three Behr paint with primer products, the lowest price one really did not have primer in it. I do not know if the formula has changed or WHAT but this is NOT the same BEHR paint that it used to be!!!
This gorgeous low-lustre sheen minimizes minor surface imperfections to bring out the best in wood and vinyl siding as well as brick, stucco and other masonry.
I ended up having to buy 3-4 times as much to get the same coverage as I did with 1 gallon before!!

Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use.Local store prices may vary from those displayed. I used quality rollers and brushes and applied the paint liberally, however, when I was finished with the second coat, I felt a third coat was needed. I decided to do two coats on the house I have now because the old paint was an oil based paint and I chose bright colors so I wanted the walls very saturated, but most situations you could get away with one coat. After already getting halfway into a huge project like this, there is no going back so had no choice but to finish and spend 4 times the amount I had originally budgeted! For other countries other than USA, Canada and Europe please email us as shipping cost may vary greatly depending on which country.
I've tried other products from Behr depending on my paint needs and I'm never disappointed.

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