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Great Customer Service - We only work with companies that provide high quality customer service. Most people have never went through the process of finding a shipping container and they end up having lots of questions. Shipping container rentals usually cost around $75 a month for 10' containers and up to $250 for 40' containers.
Worldwide supplier of container chassis, shipping containers, twist locks, platform trailers and more! The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner. Containers with a magnetic back that you can easily place on a metal surface, except on GRUNDTAL magnetic knife rack.
Sorry, this product is not for sale on our website or over the phone, check if it is available in your local store.
Wipe clean with a soft cloth dampened with water and a mild dish detergent or soap, if necessary.Wipe dry with a clean cloth. Storage facilities are pretty common and heavily used around the United States and Canada, and one of the fastest ways to set up a storage facility, or expand an existing facility, is by using modified shipping containers. 20' and 40' shipping containers can be quickly converted into both single unit storage containers, and multiple unit storage facilities.A  Depending on the size of the unit needed and there are companies that specialize in adding internal walls, roll up doors or man doors, and in some cases even power and lighting features. Converting a shipping container into a single unit storage container requires very few adjustments or modifications, and depending on the needs of the facility it could require no adjustments at all.A  However, to make it easier to use for the person storing their items in it there are a few features to add that would make the unit professional, and possibly provide a higher rental rate for you. Vents:A  Shipping container vents provide fresh air circulation that keeps condensation and moisture to a bare minimum, of not eliminate it all together. Sky Lights: Skylights installed in the roof of the container provide basic lighting that can help clients find things in the corners or back of the storage unit.
Having cute baby clothes in a drawer usually means having off-season, different-sized children’s clothes stored somewhere else in the home. My preference is to have one week’s worth of clothes in the current size and season for each child, so that I can go a week before doing laundry. Those look like IKEA separators in the drawer…and is that where you got the sweater boxes? For the tote boxes, I finally just bought them after realizing the total value of the clothes being stored inside each one. Yes, giving away is so hard – my daughter will be 3 in November and I had been holding onto all of her clothes. I have a 3 month old son now, and even if I ever have another girl, it will be a while – and those clothes were just sitting there.
My daughter is 10 years old and I’ve kept about 6 pieces of clothing that bring cherished memories to mind.
Seeing them happily wear my daughter’s clothes makes it alot less difficult parting with it. We receive some handed-down clothes for our 3 year old, plus I have some purchases I made at end of season clearances with a gift car. I have two girls and decided to make a baby clothes quilt out of the clothing that had sentimental value or ones that were used up by my two girls. We have a similar system, though I haven’t been as thorough in the weeding-out process. One of the things about kids’ clothes that REALLY bugs me is the wide size discrepancies.
As far as clothes go, two little girls gave my first girl all of their EXPENSIVE newborn through 3T clothes. With my daughter, I’m having a bit harder time parting, only because she is my last child and, I’ll be honest, little girl dresses are so darn cute! Both kids have about 1 weeks worth of clothes, and I use this tip (courtesy of the happyhousewife blog, if kids clothes are stained (and my kids had some doozies) use Oxy Clean and HOT water. I find that newborn to one year’s clothes seemed to be outgrown so fast, I need to change every month, as they grow so much in early years. Now we dump it in a big bucket in their closet, wait til the next season and then give it away.

I save a few choice items and put them in a closet and they will eventually be moved to a box for each girl.
I’m sure that just about a weeks worth of clothes is fine…if you have at least 2 changes of clothes for each day!
And for getting rid of clothes, I tried using kid consignment places, but they hardly take anything and hardly pay anything for it, so I’ve found greater satisfaction in passing on the great stuff to friends and family and donating or chucking the rest. My mom saved some of my outfits when I was a baby and gave them to me to use as doll clothes.
I have just been looking at all my childrens clothes wondering how I can possibly keep it all together … so thankyou for helping me get started! I really like the idea of the boxes… but with three children of dieffernet ages, boy and girls its hard to find space for all of them.
A year ago I had twin girls, and i decided to look for the keepsake items I had kept from my older daughters 16 and 19. 10 weeks after the birth of my third child (and first boy) I have begun to ruthlessly give away infant clothing. I have such a hard time getting rid of them because we would like to have more children and as it is the clothing that was given to our oldest daughter will now go through both of her younger sisters.
I try to only keep about 5 days worth of play clothes but find it hard to part with the nicer items knowing that by the time they get to girl number 3 there may not be as many nice outfits to choose from. Shipping, or ISO, container offices are extremely popular given the many ways they can be used. Storage container offices are typically used as on-site field offices for contractors, project managers or engineers in major construction or land development projects. Here are some of the most common questions that customers have when looking for a shipping contianer.You can also check out our section on shipping container tips for more helpful information. It will cost anywhere from $1,500 - $4,500 to buy a used shipping container, and about $2,000 - $6,000 more for new containers.
The top reason to choose a shipping container over self storage or space in a warehouse is the price.
Most cities do not require permits to keep a container on your property, but it's a good idea to ask the company directly. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area. Those new additions plus the little girl clothes we already had meant it was finally time to do something about our clothes storage. Sorting and donating always come first, and the times that you need to buy something new to store something else should be few and far between. Sometimes we have a little more, but that’s my preferred amount so that everything can be fully used.
I’ve been looking for storage containers for just the same thing and they seem to be so expensive! I’ve been using the big rubbermaid totes, but hate sorting thru the whole thing every season. Always so grateful for them, BUT also feel a little overwhelmed when someone hands me a HUGE container to go through.
I get rid of anything that I don’t absolutely LOVE, and that helps get the amount of clothes under control. The older ones wear the same size and I would guess we have about a week and a half worth of clothes. While I did struggle with cutting up perfectly good clothes, I remembered that I donated ALOT of clothing over the years. When baby #3 came along, I decided to go back through the clothes and only keep items that I really loved, were in good quality, and were not terribly out of style. Fill a bucket with HOT water, 1C of Oxy Clean (not the bleach kind) and let the clothes SOAK. This time we are actually having a tag sale as the girls clothes are very good quality (would sell on e-bay if I had the patience). Well I was floored when i realized I had saved five storage containers full of clothes and did five loads to clean them all and realized that although some still fit the twin girls, that I already had so much new clothes for them I decided to truly keep only a few of those things that I remembered dearly and the rest I’m putting up in a garage sale or donating .

I am going through anything that is too small and offering the best to my pregnant friends. They are designed to provide the same level of portability and security as typical containers but are modified with features that allows them to act as office space.
You can check out our guide on shipping container prices for more detailed information on prices. Shipping container rentals are about $30 - $50 cheaper than any other option every month, and shipping containers are the only one that you can actually purchase.
I had been storing children’s clothes in a large bin, plastic bags, and even paper grocery sacks.
Even after sorting through them, it seems like a lot of boxes, and there will likely be more. For each kid I have one tote of sentimental clothes to keep, so I won’t accidently give away the hospital hat or heirloom sweater. When we were offered all of these little boy clothes, I only took home a small portion of them, although I could have taken more.
I personally only own about a week’s worth of clothes in each season, and the rest of my house and stuff is very organized. The quilt (almost finished!) is such a great way to keep my memories without extra clutter. Last weekend I sorted them by size and put them in cardboard boxes, but I was still unsatisfied with my method. I put those in non-clear tubs with labels, but using clear tubs surely would be much easier. With #1, I used to keep the outgrown clothes in large bins, but there got to be too many, so now I use space saver bags. We also have no money for clothing so when people give us hand-me-downs we gladly accept them. With the largest network of local shipping container companies, it's not only easy for customers to find the right shipping container, but they can also save hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars in the process. They are also more convenient, and they can be kept anywhere you want, and you can access them anytime you want. The trouble with the big bin was that everything was jumbled, making it hard to find a current size, and the clothes in bags wouldn’t stack. There was enough clothing for several families, so I got to be selective and pick out my favorites, the things I knew we would use.
It is such an efficient and actually quite attractive way of storing them… well done! It was a leap of faith, but I finally realized that if God provides me with any more children, He will provide me with clothes so they won’t have to go naked. But it makes such a big difference to go through the process from time-to-time, and a clean room is a great way to start the school year.
Often people battle to get rid of their stuff, it was their child’s most precious outfit and so on, well I reckon by providing a drop-off point half their battle is won.
Their generosity saved me a lot of money and my girls got to wear much more expensive clothing than I could have afforded. His clothes that I’m storing for future kid number two threaten to take over one wall of our garage. I definitely get rid of things when they are stained (or applique over the stain) and pass down a lot.
I washed it all and sorted it by size and then season.i had a ton (she had 2 boys and my sister had sent her stuff from my nephew some of it was 4 yrs old but looked brand new). I don’t save anything as sentimental except things their great grandmother knitted them.

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