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July 23, 2012 by Mickey When my husband and I got married, we started looking for a house to move into.
But now that we have three kids, the closets are full and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of storage space left. I added lots of inexpensive magazine folders and cardboard storage boxes to keep my things organized.
I have 3 large rooms in our basement one of course used for laundry so when in need to storage I just put the stuff i am storing in plastic bin with lids in our basement, I am grateful I have the space to utilize for these plastic bins. You can make this rustic bath caddy from a single board of reclaimed wood and bring a true spa feeling to your bathroom. Here’s a genius way to upcycle an old pot into beautiful towel storage that would look at home in any 5 star spa. If you live near a beach then get down asap and get yourself a nice piece of driftwood like shown in the picture above. Placing towel bars on the backs of bathroom doors is a great way to use that space efficiently and it’s a lot easier to affix them to a wooden door (as most are) than to a plaster wall. Use the wasted space above your bathroom door by installing a shelf to store bulky items like towels or bulk bough toilet rolls. Under the sink is normally where anything and everything is thrown and over time it can become the place of nightmares. Use magnet organizers for your medicine cabinet and you’ll have it fully cleaned and organized in under an hour. Use a magnetic knife rack to keep all your metallic bathroom accessories organized and within easy reach. Cabinet doors are the perfect place to add storage bins, which are great for storing bulky, heavy items, whilst also keeping them within easy reach. Here’s a great way to repurpose a glass vase you already have into a storage piece thats both functional and super chic. Add some funk to your medicine cabinets in no time at all with some peel and stick wallpaper.
I seriously love this project, because not only is it super practical but it’ll give your bathroom some 5 star style! There’s nothing worse than slipping or stepping on a toy while walking around in your home. Depending on what type of toys your kids have, there are different toy storage solutions for kids for them.
With various options like bins, boxes, benches and shelves with drawers, parents have so many choices when it comes to toy storage in any home. If you have made your own solutions for toy storing, let us know what you’ve put together. My husband and I live in NYC with our three young children, and finding space for a growing family has its challenges.

The nursery did not allow space for a changing table and a dresser, so we put a changing pad on top of the dresser. My daughter Maeve has inherited Graham’s room, and the boys now share a room with bunk beds. I’ve repurposed a Moroccan blanket box as a storage space for toys, and I used large canvas bins keep soccer balls together. Originally from Canada, Johanna Lindsay, a photographer and stay-at-home mom, now calls New York City home. I found that bunk beds create a good barrier between kids, despite the amount of space they have. Yeah, it can be a challenge to decorate or set up a beautiful room given such a small space.
Thanks for sharing all of these great ideas for the Mom that is desperately trying to organize and keep finding alternative ways of making things easier and more efficient! We all need ideas for organizing and these are wonderufl and I love the idea of the big mirrior.
Thank you, those are some great thoughts on saving precious floor space for playing with the kids. Subscribe to receive $10 off when you spend $50 or more on your first purchase in our shop!
We knew we wanted to have kids so we wanted a house with lots of bedrooms and storage space for everyone. Now I have a great work area with plenty of storage for all of my papers, files and supplies, all in a really tiny corner of a closet. Think of all the accessories you have: shampoos, conditioners, makeup, toilet rolls, toothpaste, razors etc to name but a few.
You can keep all your shower accessories within easy reach, all neatly organized and ready for instant use.
Reclaimed wood can be found at local salvage yards – and try to get a piece that extends about 6 inches past the width of your tub. You’ll need some hot glue and sisal rope and the project only takes about 15 minutes to complete!
All you need to add are some nickel coat hooks and you’ll have a really artistic piece of storage that only costs a few bucks.
Once they’re in place you’ll have a great place to store even the bulkiest of towels! All you need is a mason jar, stainless steel lotion dispenser and masking tape, and soon you’ll have a really snazzy way of storing your liquid soap! If you don’t have an old ladder you could pick one up at a local flea market or online. It’ll take a little bit of work to complete the project but it’s a really great way of turning wasted space into extra storage!

So check out the below tutorial to see how you can quickly get it all under control and super organized by using plastic containers and labels you can print yourself.
Because as we all know, mason jars are most definitely a girls best friend especially when you need to get your bathroom accessories organized quickly and cheaply. Here’s a good tip, throw out things you no longer use, because they’re just taking up space and making things look messy!
You should be able to pick one up online for less than $10 and they’re so easy to affix! Magnetic makeup boards are the simplest way to keep all your everyday beauty items, including lipsticks, eyeliners, makeup brushes, mascara, and eye shadow palettes, organized and within easy reach. The project only costs about $35 in total and because the wicker baskets are so deep you can store bulky items as well!
When our second son Graham was born, we converted part of our alcove dining room into a small, cozy nursery. In order to keep things organized and to create  more room on the floor for playtime, I got rid of the chest of drawers and had an elfa systems representative from The Container Store revamp the shared closet to create space for both Liam and Graham. Alternative beds: A co-sleeper, mini crib, pack-n-play or bassinet works well and can be placed beside your bed for many months before the baby needs to be on their own. Buy furniture that can grow: A convertible crib that can change into a toddler bed takes up less space than a twin bed. Save floor space: Hang a laundry bag on a hook behind the door, and use lamps that can fit on a shelf or in my case a window ledge. So great to have you join us and looking forward to getting to know you when I move into my small space in NYC later this year!
No wonder morning times can be a nightmare, especially if you haven’t brought your A-Game to the storage department. To jazz up his room, we hung an over-sized mirror on one of the walls, and not only did it look great, but it created the illusion of a larger space. Having all your kids’ toys in the same place when not in use will help to organize your home. Instead of a bulky crib, we bought a crib, similar to the one pictured below, that is sleek with enough room underneath for additional storage space.
Below we’ve listed 19 amazing ideas to help you keep all those accessories organized which will help you streamline your morning routine!

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