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January 30, 2015 by Susan 76 Comments Have you ever started a project thinking you could knock it out in a few hours, only to find it took more like a few days? My Christmas decorations, except for the Christmas trees, are all stored here in the upstairs family room. When Christmas rolls around each year and I head upstairs to get out the decorations, this is the view I encounter when I open the doors. The bonus room eave area is where I store all the wreaths I hang on the windows at Christmastime.
This system works really well for the wreaths but the part that isn’t working so well are all the large, cardboard boxes stuffed with who-knows-what from years and years of decorating.
I ordered a bunch of these clear 66 Quart-size storage bins (bonus-they’re currently on sale!) at True Value. They have a lot of storage bins on sale right now including this 18-gal Storage Tote below which is even larger (and less) than the ones I bought. So the sorting process began, time to decide what to keep, what to donate and what to toss.
When all was done, I was able to empty and recycle all the boxes you see along the left wall. It’s so awesome being able to see what is inside the bin so I know which one I need to pull out for decorating.

I know how good you feel having that project finished and knowing everything is all cozy and tucked away, standing ready for next year.
It’s also comical, as I did the same in downsizing the amount of my Christmas decorations and re-organizing!
That’s the bad thing about cardboard boxes, they are like black holes where things disappear and are never seen again!
I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program as well as writing about my experience. I would love an elf to take care of that for me…Every year I say I am going organize, but my bins live in the kitchen during putting up and tearing down the decorations.
It’s been so long since I bought the trunk, I was having trouble remembering if they added on to old pieces or built them from scratch. Since you leave your wreaths and faux greenery uncovered, you must not have any tiny critter issues.
So glad they have a sale going on right now because January is the perfect time to get organized. Once you’re into it though, it feels so good to get rid of the things you no longer need and to make those you do use more accessible. But I can tell you, this was definitely worth it, even though it took me several days to get it done.

However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments. I mix and use my decorations in so many different places each year, I’m not sure I can label them by area, but I do love that idea!
If I had been able to find an antique trunk that I liked back in the day when I was furnishing that room, I would have bought it, but I couldn’t so the reproduction trunk was the next best thing. They work well for keeping things clean and protected but they are horribly clumsy for storage since they have no shape. I will probably have forgotten by then that I did this and will be in for a wonderful surprise, a Christmas present to my future self! The three boxes on the right are items I’ll be donating this week to my local Goodwill.

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