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Stainless steel water tank, sanitary tankShang Donghai Stainless Steel Factory offer Stainless steel sugar tank,mix tank,sanitary tank sus304 or 316 for choose.
The company as the development and production of stainless steel series combination stainless steel water tank imported food grade stainless steel material, using CNC stamping technology into convex template, according to the customer request custom, the agile combination, joining together.
By unit rectangular forming sheet any assembly welding, with the features of The Times and beautiful appearance, the corresponding supporting, select agile. China Good Quality Stainless Steel Storage Tank, Stainless Steel Pressure Tanks and Constant Water Pressure System International Trade Site. 100000 Litres Coated Steel Water Tank with Liner and Cover - Steel Large Capacity Water Tanks – Buy coated steel water tanks online from Direct Water Tanks. Our range of coated, corrugated galvanised steel tanks has been specifically designed to hold large quantities of water at industrial and agricultural sites. The full range of steel water tanks are WRAS approved to certificate number 0807044 when used with the Butyl liner. As the correct type of liner is essential for your tank system, we also offer a choice of optional upgraded liners.
The range of corrugated steel tanks is supplied with an anti-algae polypropylene cover as standard. The coated steel tank cover is supplied with two bolted down access hatches and a ball valve bracket.
The tank can be supplied either without and outlet or with a 2, 3 or 4" steel outlet at no extra cost. Please note the tanks are delivered using a 40ft articulated lorry and the receiving customer is responsible for the safe offloading of the tank from the delivery vehicle. If for any reason, delivery on an articulated lorry is not possible, please make us aware of this so that alternate arrangements can be made.
Steel Slimline tanks are one of the most space and cost effective solutions for rainwater storage around your home.

When it comes to choosing a rainwater tank you should ensure you are buying a strong and sturdy one from a reliable supplier.
Every Bluescope steel water tank is individually water tested before it is delivered onto the slab at your home. While we have more than 5,000 steel tank size and colour options, selecting the right size and nominal capacity for your home is easy using our sizing tool below.
If access to the place where you want to put your rainwater tank is limited, we have a range of steel Slimline tanks that can be delivered flat-packed and assembled on site.
We also offer various other tank options, including water bladders and flexitanks that may better suit your available space and needs. When you install a rainwater tank around your home there are a few simple rules you need to follow in order to be able to capture as much rainwater as possible and to ensure that the quality of your harvested water is as good as it can be. If you are using your rainwater for drinking water, install an in-line water filter between the rainwater tank and your taps.
If you have any questions regarding the guidelines or would simply like some advice, call the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70. A full range of accessories including larger fittngs is available for the steel slimline range.
Food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries to liquid storage tank, the boiler industry added water tank, heat preservation tank. The tanks have a minimum safety margin of 40% which means that the structure is capable of holding a minimum of 40% more than the tanks actual volume. The benefits of the steel cover are that it can withstand greater weight than other available covers and eliminates the risk of people falling through the cover. If you select one of the optional outlets, an outlet hole will be drilled in the centre of a base panel, in the lowest possible working position.
Typical round rainwater tanks are cost efficient, but often do not adequately utilise the available space.

So that means you can vary the height, depth and length of your tank to suit your available space. We really do have all options covered when it comes to providing you with Australia’s largest range of steel Slimline water tanks. The advantages of woven polypropylene construction are that it offers excellent UV protection preventing algae growth. The cover also prevents the growth of algae and stops evaporation and it also prevents rainwater and debris from entering the tank. A choice of brass bodied gate valve is available if required to suit your choice of outlet. We can even provide rectangular edges on our tanks to give them a unique look – or to help you get a little more capacity for your available space.
Please note that the size of fittings that can be included in a tank are determined by the curvature of the tank.
It also prevents rainwater from directly entering the tank and also stops debris from being blown into the water. So a 10,000 litre tank needs to hold up to 10 tons (measuring 10m³) of water safely around your home. The extensive range of Colorbond® colours also enables you to match or contrast your rainwater tank with the colours of your home. You need to have peace of mind knowing your Australian made rainwater tank is made from high quality Bluescope steel and is strong enough to do the job without the risk of hurting anyone or damaging your property.

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